Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

I love you so much mom and family! Thank you so much for the package and the letters. I received more letters this past Monday because an Elder in my district went to the mission home and picked them up for me. I opened the package last Friday. Thank you so much. I enjoyed it. We took some pictures with the glasses on and they are so hilarious. I am glad that you are having good experiences. I dont have a lot of time this week to write. But I will try my best. First off we have had some really amazing experiences that have brought the spirit. First off the Gellegos family. The one in the picture that always help us out . Well, we went one night to sing a hymn for them. Out of nowhere. We got there and the dad said why are you here? I was like, why are you saying this. I was so confused. He kept asking and I thought he wanted us to leave. Then after we sang the song he asked for a blessing and we said sure. Right after the blessing he started crying and his whole family started crying also. He said this is what I needed. Who sent you here? We said no one, he said I have been praying for help and this is exactly what I needed to hear. It was so spiritual and we were instruments in the Lords hands.

Well, just as I thought it couldn´t get any weirder, it did. Someone called me Chuck Norris. hahah We were in the street and he said hey Chuck Norris come over here. Of course he was drunk. hahha

I watched a Mormon message that is really spiritual. It is called "The Will of God" it is new. You should watch it. Wow, we had another spiritual experience. We showed up to our investigators house. She is our strongest one right now. She started saying how the Catholics came and visited her and she said how she was going to start going with them again. And all this stuff. I was devastated. We were both like, why?! So then we started the lesson and read a bunch of scriptures and bore our testimonies like crazy. Then we asked her to say the closing prayer. I was praying and praying inside for her to feel the spirit, but she wasn´t feeling it at all. Then all of a sudden in her prayer she started crying so much, and it took her along time to finish. We then said this is the spirit that lets you know the truth of all things. It was incredible. One of the most powerful lessons I have had in the mission field so far. Oh, for Christmas we can skype each other so just to be safe, you can probably create your account right now so you know how to use it and everything. I love you all so much!! I am doing fine, don´t worry about me at all. I love you.
Love Elder Parker, Spiderman, Chuck Norris, Gringo or Guero.

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