Monday, August 26, 2013

August 12, 2013

Hey family!! Wow I had such a good week. We worked really really hard!! It was probably one of the best weeks in months!! WE just got after it and took care of business. I am really happy. Thanks for the email. That is great that you went to the fair, it is always fun there! The young man from the ward that left went to Monterrey Mexico. I love the mission so much, I don't want to leave it!! This morning I went to the mission office to sign some papers for my visa, because I have almost been here in Mexico for a year! That is so crazy. I saw Elder Stevenson, Elder Jones and Elder Bassett there. We all signed papers together on the same desk and everything. Talking about the memories we had in the mtc and stuff. It was a lot of fun and I love those elders a lot. I have made some really good friends thanks to the mission. I will never forget the friendships I have made. Especially with the members here and the converts. I am enjoying this area a lot. If everything goes according to plans we will have two baptisms this Saturday. :) I know the Lord is blessing me. We are so blessed in our lives. Whenever we get down, we just need to think of all the blessings we have. And we will be so surprised with what the Lord has given us. I have no doubt that the Lord blesses us, we just need to accept Him. Thank you so much for all that you have done. I feel really emotional right now about you guys. I miss you all so much, and love you all.

We are teaching a family. They are not members but the daughter is on her mission. She is the daughter and got baptized two years ago, and now has been out for 2 months. We are teaching them a lot, and they are always way sad to not have her around their house. They cry a lot, but we always give them encouragement. So if you guys back home are worried about me, there isn't need. I am in the best place I could be in my life at this time. :) Seriously, I am doing great.

Wow this week I ate something really... let's say.. weird. I ate worms!! hahaha like that one movie we saw about the worms. They don't have the head and they like gut them or something and cook them. So it tastes like burnt meat or something. IT is so weird. I ate some for the first time and was about to puke but after I liked them. It is called "zats" it is a word indegenious. Maybe you could look for pictures or something on the internet. hahah We will have a zone conference with the President this week. And next week I will be taking pictures for my visa again :) Time is flying by. I love you all so much. I am so proud of you all. Thanks for being faithful and trusting in the Lord. Love Elder Parker

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Hey mom and family!! I am doing great this wonderful day. And you? The new area is going good. We have quite a few of people listening to our message. The members are really excited to work with us. They have been helping us receive referrals. Yesterday was so an amazing day!! I loved it so much. There were so many surprises that happened. I'll start off with the morning. So I was in church and we left the Sacrament meeting after it ended. And I saw my old bishop from Terrazas. Because those two wards are in the same chapel. So I was like hey is Leonardo here still? Leonardo is my convert from Terrazas. He said I think so. So I went outside, and from a distance I saw him. I waved and he saw me and started running towards us!! It was like in the movies slow motion and everything. We finally met and we hugged. He was smiling so big and couldn't say anything. Finally we started talking and laughing. He told us he misses us so much. He sure looks up to us. He said he was having a rough week, but then he read his Book of Mormon and found our letters we left in the back of the book. He said that cheered him up so much, those two letters. He was really really excited. I sure do miss him. He has changed so much and looked so happy in his white shirt and tie! I hope he will go on a mission someday if he desires. We said goodbye and he left. Also another surprise in the church. During sacrament meeting. All of a sudden the back doors opened and the Villatoro family arrived. Wow!! They are members but their kids aren't baptized. We have been visiting them a lot. They arrived and were so happy. They told us afterwards that it was the first time they have gone to the church in a year and a half. We were so surprised and pleased with the Lord. They were extremely happy. Then after church we were walking and all of a sudden I saw a family from my first area in Las Torres. In Bosque. I could not believe it. It turns out that her brother is in our ward and they were going to visit him. So we went for a little to talk to them. They were so excited to see me and I was so happy to see them and talk with them about my old ward. It turns out that my converts are still going to church and are strong!! :) That is the best feeling ever. Also when I didn't have a companion that one month over there, a young man worked with me for a week. He got his mission call and leaves this Wednesday. It was neat to hear that, because I was able to help him for a week. In equal manner he helped me. We talked about all the families and the converts. I was smiliing so much, it was hurting to smile. Then they told us they were going to bring dinner to us tonight. So I hurry and wrote some letters today so they can give them to my converts and my ward. I am really excited for them. It was a great day.

Today we went to Sam's to buy some food for two weeks. I loved it there. I felt like I was back home in Costco!! There was some good stuff there. :) So I should have plenty of food for awhile. Thanks so much for the package!! I loved it from Yellowstone. I am so blessed. Thank you so much. I think I am the Elder that receives the most packages and letters here in the mission. All the Elders call me Elder Vanpelt from that movie The Best Two Years I believe. All of them say I always have letters and packages. hahah It's because I have the best family. But you don't need to send so many packages, because I know how expensive it is and I am doing fine. :) Well I love you all.

Love Elder Parker

Friday, August 2, 2013

July 29, 2013

Hey mom and family!!! How is everyone doing? I am doing great. Today was had an activity with the President!! WE went to the canyon of Sumidero again and after we played sports in Cana Hueca. And afterwards we ate pizza. It was such a blast!! I got to see a lot of my friends!! I got to see my companion that I trained and Elder Jones and my old zone and just a ton of friends. We had a great time. The canyon looked so beautiful this time. It was really really green. the last time was really dry but this time was really green. Then we sang "How Great Thou Art" in Spanish up at the top of the canyon looking down. It was so spiritual.

I was ripping it up in sports!! I sure do miss playing sports, especially football. I got to throw the football around and run some routes with a few missionaries. The only thing is is that there aren't a lot of missionaries that play. But I was able to find some that used to play also. I loved it so much. I love throwing the football around. Just like the good old times in the backyard. We got to eat some pizza also. The President played against me in basketball. It was really fun, he is actually really good. He said he used to play on a church team. I didn't get too sunburnt because I put on sunblock in the morning.

This week went really well. We got to meet most of the members because we ate with them this week. We are working hard. There aren't a lot of members in our half. Most of the ward is with the other missionaries. But we have really faithful members. They are all so humble and most of them are converts. Our ward is a lot bigger. I have a question. how many people usually go to church in our ward. Like the ward assistance? I got to talk to my old companion about my old ward, it was really fun, he said the members are always asking where I went. I guess they miss me. We were talking with the Presiden'ts wife today and she told us that my generation will be ending the mission with her and the President in June. So I'm not sure what exactly will happen. Like June 26 or something. Or maybe the option to entend a few weeks after they leave. But I don't want to think too much in that right now, there is still time to work. I think I am losing weight. hahah Which is normal I guess here in Mexico. Well I want to go so we can chat. I love you all. Love Elder Parker