Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 3, 2014

So sorry I couldn't write and it took awhile.
We had the activity that we have every 6 months.
We went to the canyon of Sumidero. And then played sports
in a nice park. It was really fun. I saw Elder Jensen. It was so
fun because he said who would have ever thought that we would
be playing basketball together in Mexico.. I loved that.
I played some basketball and a lot of soccer. I got to score a bunch of times.
I feel like I am better at soccer than I am at basketball now. That is a little weird.
But I really enjoy soccer now. It was fun.

The only thing is is that we don't have much time. I have like 18 minutes left.

We are going to have the huge meeting with President tomorrow. So I should receive the package.
I talked about if you wanted to come pick me up with the secretary of the President. He said it's fine but he needs to know the next week or two. I haven't really thought much. What is your opinion?

This week went really well. We are working really hard. and we get along quite well. We were able
to see another miracle yesterday and a 71 year old man was baptized. It was one of the most spiritual moments I have had on the mission. I will have to tell you next week for the time.

To answer dad's questions.. We are here in a Ward with about 80 to 90 people attending on a regular basis. The area is really big and we have to walk a ton. It is extremely hot. And I have
been getting sun burned even when I put on sunscreen :) haha. And I was able to buy some nice
protein that will last for like 3 months or 4. Thanks for the money. I think that are all his questions.
Oh and I get along really well with my companion.

Well I love you all. I am loving this work. :)

Elder Parker

February 24, 2014

Hey thanks for the email mom. :)
Sounds like you all had a blast at Zion's doing a little biking.
I have plenty of ties don't worry about that one mom. :) hahah
That's funny you got to eat at the Chinese chicken. I'm sure that family
was really cute. I love the people here. They either always make me smile
or laugh really hard. hhahah They are so unforgettable. I was thinking about it.
I love how they talk. hahah because apparently here in Chiapas they talk really
different Spanish compared to other countries and parts of Mexico. I'll have to teach y'all
the Spanish chiapaneco.

Well we are continueing to work hard. We are seeing miracles still. It is amazing how the Lord
blesses us when we are obedient and have faith and desire to help him. The family of
Zeta and Mauricio came to church this week which made us really happy. THey were really happy.
Mauricio received the priesthood!! And Miguel is going to receive it the next week. They are both so happy.
Miguel bore his testimony to us about the gospel and church. It was so powerful. He has changed so much.
I am so happy for him and I love him so much. Mauricio is really happy also. I love his family. I am expecting a miracle
with this family. We will see what Heavenly Father decides. :)

Like you said, it is heating up like an oven here. Sweating everyday. Which I'm used to it. So it's nothing to complain about.
It's free right? :) most people pay money to go to a place with sun. Yesterday we had another meeting with President Cardenas
and the Stake President. It was great. Just the four of us. We talked about every ward and how they can improve. We are going to
have our ward conference the 15 and 16 of March. So we are working really hard towards that day.
We will continue to invite the less active so they can feel the spirit once again in their lives.

Thanks for everything family. I love you all so much. I am really happy and continue to smile :)

I still haven't received the package yet. I believe it must be in the office. Maybe we'll swing by today. Love you all.

Elder Parker

February 17, 2014

Hey family!! How are you all doing? I am doing so great!!! I am really happy.. Wahoo.. guess what.. I get to stay here in Paraiso still :) I will have another transfer here.
My companion stays also. We are really excited to keep working really hard in this area. It is one of my favorite areas that is for sure. I am so blessed. I know I am still here
for a great purpose.

This week was absolutely amazing. I have seen miracles. I know without a doubt that angels have helped us. My Heavenly Father sure does love me and the people here.
It was such a spiritual week. I can't believe it still. So I told dad about an investigador that we were teaching. Well his name is Miguel. He is amazing. He almost died a month
ago from drinking so much. He has completely changed his life. He was baptized this saturday. It was incredible. He is following the example of Christ and is so happy.
His brother was able to baptize him. His brother also stopped drinking and is a member of the church. What a miracle.

The second miracle. It is unbelievable. His name is Mauricio. He has 16 years old. He has known the church for 5 years. He has listened to the missionaries for 5 years.
His parents never gave him permission to be baptized. His sister is Zeta my convert. She had to wait to be 18 years old to be baptized. He was going to wait also.
But this past month we have been talking to their parents and teaching them. the spirit overwhelmed them. And we went thursday and the spirit was so strong.
A couple weeks ago we went and we were all crying in the lesson. His parents have changed so much. It is amazing to see the change. Well this thursday we went with the
parents and they said he could be baptized this Saturday. It was a surprise for Mauricio, we didn't tell him until Saturday morning. Everyone was so happy.
the parents were crying. They also went to church yesterday and the mom was crying the whole time with joy because she was with her kids. I have faith that we will soon
be able to see the parents in the waters of baptism.

I know the Lord blesses us when we are obedient. He loves us so much. We didn't do anything, we just followed the spirit to see these miracles.

The Lord will bless us in our efforts if we act with FAITH.. Thomas S Monson..

I love you all so much. I am more excited than ever. Thanks for all your help. This work is so true I can feel it everyday.

Love you all.

Elder Parker

February 10, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing really good. Thanks for all your emails.
This week went pretty good! We are working really hard. We are seeing a lot of progress
here in the ward and in our investigators. I got a little sick this week and we couldn't really
work a few days. But I already talked with the doctor. They took a blood test. And it appears I am
free from everything. So I just need to take a lot of electrolytes. My head was just hurting a ton.
and I would get hot and cold. But now I am better.
The ward is great. And they keep calling me Peter Parker. hahah

Well next week we will have transfers. We will see what happens.!!
We are going to work really hard this week. We have good things planned.
Today they told us that 18 missionaries are going to sleep in our house tonight.
Because tomorrow morning we have a training with the President and all the zone and district
leaders. Should be interesting. I am excited for the meeting.

The work is going good here. We are trying really hard to talk to as many people as we can.
It is helping us out a lot :)

I sure love the gospel. I love seeing the change in peoples lives.
I hope everything is fine at the house.
I love Jesus Christ and the atonement.
Thanks for everything.

Love elder Parker

February 3, 2014

Hey mom and family. How are you all? I am doing great. Really excited. We had our zone conference with the President. It went really well.
He talked about talking with everyone to give them the opportunity to accept the gospel. He also talked about the obedience.
It was really great. God is bound when we obey :) What a great promise right? I hope to always obey with exactitud. We worked hard this week.
We are founding new investigadores to teach. We found a family that we invited them to be baptized and accepted. They are willing to go to church also.
It was a really spiritual lesson. And the daughters want to serve missions they said. I told them about Court how she served a mission.
We had exchanges this week and I went to another area. It was fun. The assistant bought me Applebees!! We went for the food because we didn't eat with the sisters.
I ordered ribs with corn on the cob and fries. It was really yummy. The first time in a nice restaurant in almost two years. He then bought me some food in the night and breakfast.
He's really nice. He is from Monterrey Mexico but went to Timpview highschool. So the exchanges went well. I was with the secretaries and the assistants.
We played soccer in the morning. I am really sore haha. I need to start running more. Once my companion buys tennis shoes we are going to start running and playing soccer in the morning.

My companions birthday went great. A family here in the ward bought cake and we celebrated with cake. He was happy! I bought pizza hut for him. :) It tasted really good.

How did Court's birthday go? Well that is good Jo got to go to St. George.

It was funny because I was walking to write you guys and a taxi passed and someone yelled Hey Tay. I was like who would know my name.
And Elder Jensen popped his head out of the window hahaha. He passed right by us. It was so funny.

Well I love you all. Things are good here. Take care.

Yesterday we talked in front of all the missionaries and mission leaders from the wards and their ward missionaries. We trained them on working with the missionaries.
Like for example the members can always share their testimony in the lesson. Because sometimes the members talk way to long or talk about something else. It went really well.

Love Elder Parker

Oh I got some letters from you. The Christmas ones. Like the sick chicken one.
I loved it. I also got a package from Dave and Nat some snacks. And grandpa sent
me a card. And Bishop Isom's daughter, Holly, sent me a card. If you could tell them all thanks
it would be great. Thanks mom. :) I loved the cards.
I am fasting for you and the family.

January 27, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing really good thanksj!! This week was really good and fast.
Elder Aguilar turns 20 today!! He's pretty excited. This week I ate some pretty weird food if I say so myself.
We ate cow stomach!! sick.. it was like in a hot soup. And then the other day we ate chicken liver!! sick.
It was some pretty different food. But hey at least I have food right? hahaha
We had a really nice meeting with President Cardenas and the Stake President here about two days ago.
It was really neat. Before the meeting we had some free time to talk with president Cardenas.
I asked how he was doing with English and everything. He then said his lower back hurt and I was like hey
my lower back used to hurt too. He said yeah because you played football. And he was like where are you going
to play football after. He told me his opinion and everything on where he would want me to go. hahah
We then started the meeting and were talking about the zone and the stake. He then got to our ward.
And he said Elder Parker and Elder Aguilar are there. And they work as if there were 6 elders there. It was a
really good compliment.
We had a really good family night with a family and some investigadores. It went really well and we were able to talk about
the atonement of Jesus Cristo. What a neat experiencia. The spirit was really strong. I love the mission because I always
have the blessing of feeling the spirit daily.

Well tell Jo dog happy birthday. I was thinking about him yesterday because I knew it was his birthday. Did he complete 26?
The other Sunday the first counselor in our ward was talking in the sacrament meeting. He announced an activity that we had.
He was like we should all go so we can help out elder Peter Parker and elder Aguilar. It was really funny. A little
weird because it was in the sacrament meeting. hahah.
Well I will go so we can get a little time in to chat. Thanks for everything. :)

Yeah it is starting to be hot again.

I love you all. Love Elder Parker

January 20, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing. Thanks for the email.
I am just sure glad Brian and I were able to talk and do facetime together.
I will always hold that dear in my heart. During the call he wrote, how much time
do you have left in your mission. I said 6 months. and he said , I hope I get to see you again.
And we then ended shortwhile after and he said, I love you man. I was able to say the same.
What a great friend. I know his wish will come true. I will be able to see him again, only now
in a better place. :)

This week went by really well. We are working really hard and I love my companion. He is amazing,
and we are working great together. We had a baptism this week also. The ward is doing better.
It is getting better and we had an activity thursday. we watched 17 miracles. It impacted the members.
We didn't get to watch most of it. We had to leave early for interviews. But it was good.

Thanks for being a great family. Let us stay strong in the gospel and we will see miracles and be blessed. :)
Thanks for your righteousness and examples. I know the Lord blesses us in times of need. I have experienced it
here in the mission.

Love Elder Parker

January 14, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing great!! :)
Thanks for the email mom.

Well everything went really well with Brian. I was able to use Facetime. It's like skype.
President was like, hey do you want to use facetime. I was like yes! So I got to talk with him for like 45 minutes.
He couldn't talk but he would write sentences in his notebook and I would read them. It was really a great blessing.
He was really happy and smiling:) It was precious time. He's a great friend. It was really nice to talk with him.

Transfers went well. I didn't get to work much this week with everything that happened.
My companion is elder Aguilar he is from Honduras. He is actually tall. My first tall companion hahah.
He is really nice and funny. We work well together. I am training him as a zone leader. So he is getting to
know what it is like to be zone leader. It was really really cold here monday and tuesday. But now it is really
really hot. It's heating up again. I'm not too excited :) haha it's fine actually. We had to go to Cintalapa a little town
to check a house for the sister missionaries because they opened up another area in the zone. We traveled in a really
nice charter bus for like 2 hours roundtrip. It reminded me of traveling to state in football.

Thanks for the package again. it was really awesome. I really enjoy the snacks. They taste really good.
And the licorice reminds me of camping with the family.

I found out yesterday that a brother from my first ward passed away. He had a heart attack. It was the son
of one of my converts. Which is sad.. But he is better where he is because he was suffering a lot.

My convert Zeta went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead for the first time. She is really excited.
It was good to see her so happy for entering the temple and she is progressing a lot.

This sunday I blessed the bread for the sacrament for the first time in Spanish. It was a great experience.
It reminded me of the good old days in the first ward blessing the sacrament every week. :)

Well I will go so we can have some time to chat. I love you all. Bye

Love Elder Parker :)

January 6, 2014

I am going to write Brian.
Does he know I will write him?
I want to get permission from President to call him and just tell him I love him.

December 30, 2013

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing great! :)
The skype was really great. I had a hard time speaking English but I sure did love it.
You all looked so good and different!! It went by really fast.

Well we are working hard here. We finally had the first ward council meeting yesterday.
We were able to put together the ward mission plan. THat will help us out a lot!!
The members are great so I know the Lord will help the ward out here.

Christmas was amazing. Thanks for all the presents and snacks!! WE sure did enjoy Christmas.
We ate a ton of food like everyday haha.
Most of the people were out of their houses or partying so it was hard to find everyone last week.
Hopefully this week they will be in their houses. Yes there will be a lot of fireworks here!! haha

We will have transfers next week. So I am pretty sure I'll stay here. :) I guess we'll find out no?

We painted a house for a member this week. I liked it. It reminded me when we tried to paint my room downstairs hahaha.

I saw a returned missionary in the stake center. He served in Colombia. I was like hey,.. do you know elder Sorenson.
He was like yeah, he was in my zone. So we got to talk a lot. So tell Brother Sorenson that the elder Interiano says hi.

Did my package get home yet?

Well I will stop so we can chat more. Thanks for everything. I sure do love you all. This week was nice and fresh.
Yes it's starting to get hot this week.

I love you all. Love Elder Parker

December 23, 2013

Thanks for the email mom! This week was really fast and amazing!!
The temple was so spiritual and I absolutely loved it!! The only thing I couldn't do is do the work for the name you gave me.
Because he didn't have the work done before the work I was going to do. So I saved it so you guys can do his work.
I hope that is fine. :) I was able to enter the temple without a name. What a blessing. The meeting after the temple was great.
Then we had a banquet which was really neat. I got to sit next to Elder Jensen!! We all sang Christmas hymns and then we ate.
At the end they called our names for our packages and letters. The President and his wife gave us all a box of snacks. IT was really nice of them.
Thanks for the package that you sent me. The only thing was that somehow the people opened it over there. And everything was scattered. A few things were unwrapped. But it's fine. I just don't know what was for my companion? IT was weird because that has never happened but for some reason they opened the package. But nothing was taken! I also got to see my friend Elder Petersen and a bunch of other elders.
It was great.

This week I ate something new.. It's called.. Cow tongue. hahah I didn't know what it was until after I ate it. How interesting. I was like, hmm.. this tastes different.
It doesn't taste like chicken. haha.

So let me know what time for skype. :)

I love you all.
Love Elder Parker

December 16, 2013

Hey mom!! I sure do love you and the family. I loved the email. Definitely felt the spirit. I love that everyone is serving someone else.
I have loved the Christmas countdown. Thanks so much. We call it the Christmas corner. La esquina de Navidad. Because it is all set
up in the corner of the house. WIth the tree and lights and Christmas presents. It looks really neat. Thanks!! Thanks for getting the name.
I will try and see if I can get in tomorrow. We should be entering tomorrow morning at 7 :) Supposively a lot of elders will sleep at the house
tonight again. Because they are coming from other cities. So we should have a full house tonight. Which is fine. The more the merrier.
But seriously, That made me excited that everyone is doing kind deeds for others. Our Heavenly Father sure is proud.
That story is funny about Josh and Nathan. hahah I can picture it clearly.

This week went by extremely fast. By I loved it. One of our investigators was baptized. But it was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have seen.
I was able to direct the baptism. Which I was a little nervous but despues really happy. The girl is called Zeta.. In english it would be Z.
She barely has one week of 18 years. She has known the church for 4 years but her parents never gave her permission to be baptized.
So she turned 18 and now didn't need to have persmission because she is old enough. But her parents actually supported her and were at her baptism.
It was really neat after 4 years she was baptized. Her brother has 16 and couldn't be baptized with her. I felt bad for him. But his time will come.
She looked so happy and her family did also. Who knows, mabye in the future her family will be baptised also.

We went to the temple for the Christmas choir. And I saw 2 families from my first area in the mission!! It was amazing.
We were all so happy and talked for a good 15 minutes. It was so amazing to see them.

Tomorrow will be a good day. We will enter the temple and have a banquete. I will be able to see Elder Jensen and other good friends.
I think I will see elder Petersen for the first time in like 9 months. Should be good. :) And we will be able to hear from President Cardenas.

Well I will go so we can chat. I love you. Love Elder Parker

December 9, 2013

Hey mom and everyone!! How is everyone doing? Wow I am really excited for all the snow that is there!! I saw all of the pictures and it got me excited :) hahah
This week went by extremely fast once again. I don't want it going too fast. So this week was really good. We had the council with the President and the zone leaders.
We learned how to work with the members and leaders of the church. Then the next day we transmitted that message to our zone. We now have like 26 missionaries in our zone.
It is quite a bit. I think it is the second biggest zone in the mission. It went really well and I felt the spirit alot. I love helping the zone out. They are great missionaries.
It was our turn this week to go to the temple and do the tours. IT was really great and I always love it. During the council I got a package!!! and a lot of letters from the family and our relatives and sister Randy Haws and Lidia Hamada. I haven't opened the package yet. Can I open it? Thanks for the lettes I loved them. Espeically the blue skies and the thankgiving one :) haha

Well yesterday was quite the experience. We got to teach talking with the first counselor ten minutes before the sacrament meeting started and he was like.. well. the person that was going to give the talk isn't going to come. So one of you two can you give the talk. Elder Parker, can you do it? I was like sure why not. I was actually excited. THen we went in the the salon and were waiting and a ton of people showed up. I prepared my talk and gave it. I talked about the true meaning of Christmas and about Jesus Christ and his atonement. It went pretty well and I took about 20 minutes because he told me I was wrapping up the meeting. I actually really enjoyed it and felt the spirit. The members all looked happy. I was glad I could help the members out this Christmas with a talk.

We were able to go to the devotional also! We took an investigador that Luis with us. I really enjoyed it and loved the music. I loved the talk by elder Russel M Nelson.
We were lucky we got to go. I love Christmas and thinking about Christ.

Talking about Christmas.. I have two important announcements.
1. we need to be thiking what day we are going to skype to get everything set up. * the President doesn't want us doing everything last minute.
2. in order to enter the temple this year for Christmas. I need to bring 2 family names to do the work for them. Or else I can't enter. So I don't know exactly how to do that. :) hahah

Well I love you all. I hope we can chat. We will be going to Sam's this week. We didn't get to go next week.

Love Elder Parker

December 2, 2013

Hey mom I love you. HOw is everyone doing? How was thanksgiving for you guys? What was the best thing that you ate? This week went by really fast!! Which seems like week by week gets faster and faster. Thanksgiving dinner was incredible!! I can't believe what they went through to make it so huge. It was a great day that day and I almost forgot it was thanksgiving. Then we got to their house at 7:30. We got to eat. But the neat part was that before we started eating I explained to them what
thanksgiving was all about and how we should be grateful everyday with what our Father in Heaven gives us. There were like 30 people maybe there. And not all were members so it was great to teach them about being thankful. Then they asked me to say the prayer for the food. And then we dipped in!! It tasted really good. We didn't have turkey because they don't know how. But they had steak and potatoes and quesadillas and sausage and cinnamon rolls. It was such a great time. And I felt really happy. We have a great investigator that is progressing really fast. We met with him and taught him about the gospel and he ended with a prayer and started crying and said how great it felt to talk with our Father in Heaven. WE took him to the temple to the tours. He really enjoyed it. And in fact I got to see Elder Jensen there. He also brought an investigador there.

I had that appointment with the doctor. Everything went well. He told me I am healing really well.
He said I can start doing exercise on December the 10th. And he explained the likeliness of having another surgery. Which sounded like it won't ever happen again. That was a relief.

So knowing me, I really like Christmas and lights. We found some christmas lights in the house!! So we have them hung up in the house. It is just one string of lights, but it is better than nothing right? haha :)

A family from the ward are going to take us to Sam's Club to buy some food for the week.
I can't wait to see what there is.

Well I'll go so we can chat. I love you all. Love Elder Parker

November 25, 2013

Hey thanks for the email! I am doing great and you guys? This was a full week and really fast..

Wahooo!!!! we had the transfers and guess what.. I am staying here!!!! That is exactly what I wanted!! :) I am so happy for that. I was so nervous last night hahah.

This week a 70 came down to Tuxtla and we had a multi stake meeting. He talked about the work of salvation with the members and missionaries.
His name is Elder Valenzuela. He was a really neat elder. I loved the meeting and felt the spirit a ton. He invited us to pray that night to ask if the Lord was hastening his work.
I prayed that night and the spirit overpowered me. I know we are in the Lord's work and we are helping him gather Israel.
The other great part of the meeting was that I got to see so many members from my first ward. I walked in and sat down then my (son) companion came and said they are looking for you and I was like who and he said the whole ward. So I went to the back and got to talk to all of them and we all remembered each other. It was a great experience!! Then I also got to see my old ward in Terrazas and Lomas. I was smiling the whole time and couldn't help but be so happy. I was thinking a lot that I am so blessed to have such amazing friends in the gospel. It was a great meeting. I saw a member from Terrazas. He asked me about a talk or movie or something called the Mansion. It is by like Peter something. hahah I guesss President Monson or a Prophet talked about that about Christmas? I don't really know what he meant.

Ana is progressing still. She wasn't home for two weeks because she went on vacation. It turns out when she got back we finally got to talk with her. She went to... New York!!
hahah I was like no way. She showed us pictures of the statue of liberty and everything. It was neat. We then on friday took her to the temple and the visitors center project. A member from my ward in terrazas came with us. The member who let me use her skype for mothers day in fact. Her husband which isn't member also showed up. In all these years he had never gone to the temple. And I invited him and he came, what a miracle!! Because he is really stubborn but me and him are great friends. We got there and it was so amazing and spiritual. They both felt really good inside. He was like before I felt a lot of problems from work and everything and didn't felt good then I entered the waiting room of the temple and felt so much calmness, that is what iIneeded he said. It was a neat experience.

We had a lot of transfers in the zone. Which is always good I guess! WE are all working hard.
One of my converts accomplished birthday. So I gave him a few presents! The first counselor says thanks for the preach my gospel!!
The primary had the presentation this Sunday, it was really cute!! I always love them. And it reminded me of little Joshy and Nathdog.
I loved the package thanks!! I love the turkeys!! hahah

IN fact a few families here invited us to eat dinner with them for Thanksgiving. They will be making a bunch of things for us. Which is really nice of them. I am excited.
I am so glad I am still in the area. Because maybe I will get to see Elder Jensen for christmas dinner. And we have a lot of investigadores that should be getting baptized soon :) I didin't want to leave them.

Sorry it's so long. I guess I am just happy :)

I love you all.
Love Elder Parker

oh yeah my stomach is okay. I have a checkup with the doctor on friday. I guess we'll see how it goes.

November 18, 2013

Hey how are you doing mom and family? I am doing great!!
This week went by really fast right?! It was a good week.
I got your package that you sent for me. I haven't opened it yet because I don't know if I should.
We had the zone conference this week this Friday actually. It was really well. President was there and
talked to us. We had to order the food for the zone so I called a few members from my first ward in Bosque.
They brought the food which tasted really good and we payed them afterwards. It was great to see them
and they wanted a picture with me. What great guys. This week we got to give tours in the tours for the visitors.
The visitors temple thing. But it isn't called that because it was like copying the one from Salt Lake. But it was amazing!!!!
Wow I loved it so much!! It is so spiritual!! There are three rooms with videos of Christ and they are all decorated.
At the very end is the waiting room in the temple. What a spiritual place. I almost forgot how beautiful it is in the temple.
We walked in there and the neatest thing occured. We walked in the waiting room and then all of a sudden I saw like 5 little
girls sitting on the couch there. And they all smiled and waved at me. And were like do you remember us? hahah
It turns out they were from my last area. Their parents were in the temple and these little girls were waiting on the couch. They have like
3, 5, 7, 8, and 9 years old. They were all so happy. And it was amazing because they rememberd me and were so happy. I then thought of
how blessed we are being members of the church because the little children like them grow up in families which have the gospel.
And they learn values at a young age. It was so neat and spiritual. Then the other day I went to the tours of the temple again and saw Elder Jensen!
It was amazing because I can't believe it actually happened because it turned out he was there out of all the days he could have been there.
We are working really hard here! It has been really cold but yesterday it turned on the heater and it was burning. Today in the morning was really hot, but
now it is a little cloudy.
President Cardenas was explaining to us about the house of Israel and the gathering and everything. I have learned so much about that. And the importance of the Book of Mormon and the missionary work. The spirit was testifying to me once again. He also talked that we were foreordained and that we were prepared before this life.
I think that scripture is in Alma 13.

We talked about technology also. He asked me if the missionaries in our house have ipads or ipods already? I said I didn't know..

Can I open the package or should I wait?

My stomach is doing better. The skin is healing better but still has a little ways to go. It hurts every now and then but I am trying to take it easy.

Transfers are next week, should be exciting to see what happens. I love you all. Love Elder Parker