Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25, 2013

Family!!! I saw Zach!!!!!! Wow, it was the best thing ever!! I went to drop off an Elder at the office of the mission and I was expecting to see Zach, but they wouldn't let me pass. They said I had to go study. So I left with some other Elders and studied at their house. My heart was beating so fast, because I was so close to Zach but I couldn't see him, then I was able to go to the office again at 10:30. I got instructed by the President of what I needed to do to train my companion. But the way he tells me, ÿour companion didn't make it.. Again... So once again I don't have a companion. I guess he is still in Peru. He was supposed to come, but didn't. So we are all confused. And no one knows when he will come, so I am working in a threesome right now. Then all of a sudden, when we were talking, they said okay, let the new missionaries come in. They opened the door.. and I was waiting , waiting, waiting, and Zach appeared in the doorway!!!! I couldn't believe it. I was shaking hands with everyone and then when we got to each other we hugged!! It was the coolest experience ever. We talked the whole time, and during the meeting we just kept smiling and laughing. Then we went to eat with the President at his house and after I told him some things that could help him out in his first months here. Because I remember when I didn't understand a lot and was lost. So I was able to help him with all the questions he had. Then we were taking pictures of companions. And the President was like, Elder Parker, bring your friend and come take a picture with us!! It was the best thing ever! We were both so happy. He has grown a lot, he is a lot taller. I am so excited. He is companions with a wonderful Elder! His companion came here the same day as me. We were talking in the night about football our first day here in Tuxtla. And we had a prayer together. So I am really good friends with his comp. So he will have a really good time. He is in a really hot area, but that's fine!!

I had a dream about dad. He was eating my chocolate from Yellowstone that you sent me. It felt so real, and I was like, dad, that is my chocolate. Like most days in the house at home when he would be sneaking my candy :) Well I won't make this too long because I want to chat with you and Court! I love you all so much.

I was part of a miracle last night. We were going to be late for the house at 9. We called everyone for a ride because we didn't have money. I said, call Brother Gellegos. We called, didn't answer, call again, finally his wife answered. We said sorry, but we need a ride, we don't have money and we are going to be late. She said sorry, my husband is really sick. We said okay, we will find another way. Then her husband called back and said, I need a blessing, please come to my house. So we went, and he asked me to give the blessing. He was really sick and could hardly talk, sweating a ton. So I gave one of the most powerful blessings I have ever given. And the end I felt the spirit so strong. He then gave us a ride and said, you answered my prayers. Before you guys came, I was praying in my room and asked the Lord to please help me feel better. I then got in my bed, and that is when you guys called me. He said, you might have thought you needed help from me, but I needed help from you guys. It was really powerful. I loved being an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I love you all! Love, Elder Parker

Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Hey family, this is the second time writing this email, I accidentally erased it. But this week has been good, I got a new companion for one week from Peru. I have learned a lot from Peru with him being here. But we found out this morning that he will be leaving to another place. We also found out that.... I am the new District leader and that i will be training a new missionary!! So it could be Elder Zach Jensen. We don't know who it is going to be still. I will go to the training tomorrow with the President, and all the new missionaries will be there. I will get to see Elder Jensen!!!! I am so excited. I really hope we can be companions!! But at least I get to see him. He will get here tonight and probably eat dinner with the President , then go to the training in the morning. So he will also probably get to email his family a few short sentences when he arrives in the office tonight if you want to tell his family about his situation. He doesn't know I will see him tomorrow, so it will be a good surprise!! Sorry this isn't so long, I already wrote one, but it was erased on accident. I liked the faith in every footstep. That is amazing. This week has been really tiring. We walked so much. In the nights we get to the house, plan, and then sleep. Then Saturday I could hardly walk. But I feel good because I am giving the Lord everything I have. Thanks for all your support. This is my favorite day and hour because I get to talk to you guys. Can I help you with anything? I love you all. The activity was really fun last week. It will be something that I will always remember. I guess in the canyon there are tigers and jaguares. That is awesome!! I also saw an iguana that was huge! I guess they eat the iguanas here! Well I love you all. Love Elder Parker

Dad, thanks for your email!! How have you been donig? It sounds pretty rough with jo-dog, but I know you are taking it like a father should. I am doing good here, I have good health, and am happy. It is getting a little hotter here, but it is also a little fresh some days. I really like that talk also, see people how they may become. It is something that we should all live by in this world. I should be able to see Zach tomorrow! There are like 160 missionaries in the mission right now. But there are a lot missing. By the end of this year about a hundrend sisters should be arriving in this mission and my elders too. So we should have a lot more. I am enjoying the area I have, it is a really big area, but I am taking control of it. The members are really supportive. The food is excellent. My favorite dish is tacos fritos. It is like those tacos in the freezer that you would always buy. That are rolled up. But they they fry them and have cheese and sauce and lettuce and lemon and all this stuff added on top. It taste a lot different then just the plain taco, and it is so good! I also like they pork tacos! Those are good, but I have only had that one time with my convert Marco and his family. The language is coming along, I still feel I need to know a lot more, but I am really trying. The Lord will bless me. I feel comfortable talking to people. At the first of my mission not so much, but I am getting more comfortable. And now I will be forced to talk more in the district meetings and zone meetings we will have. I will be giving classes every Tuesday for my district. And I will be interviewing the people for their baptisms. Thanks for all your help. I am doing fine here :) Love, Elder Parker

Friday, February 15, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hey I don't have a lot of time. I am gonig to the church in ten minutes. we had a multi zone activity today. We went to the huge canyon with the huge river and played sports after. I haven't had a companion since thursday. My comp left on thursday. The President called us on Wednesday and said he has to go home. so he left. I went to the offices, worked with other elders in their area. Then in the night came to my area with a young man, then went to another area in the night and slept with other missionaries. Then Friday I worked with a young man in my area, Saturday also, and Sunday after church I had to come back to the other area and work with other missionaries. I slept with them last night too. Then in two minutes I receive other. Then in the night I will sleep with other elders, then tomorrow we st ill don't know. So I don't know when I will have a real companion. I think Wednesday or possibly tomorrow. It has been really different. But I am learning from it. Well thanks for the story about Jo dog. I will be praying for him and you guys. Sorry that it had to happen when I wasn't there. I will try and help you out by praying and fasting. I am gald you got my letter and the cd. It was something small, but I am glad you liked it. Well this week was the first time I took a shower with buckets. hahah well I wish I could write more but I have to go pick up the young man at the church. I love yoy all so much. Don't worry about me, I am totally fine! I saw some of the elders from my district in the mtc. :) We were laughing so hard today. I played football, soccer and basketball. The President played with us. I scored a goal on the President :) Well I love you!!! Take care, the Lord is with us. love Elder Parker (I think I will still be in this area but I have no idea. I will tell you next week. Thanks!! I will work even harder for you guys! The activity and the canyon were so fun and beautiful. I haven't laughed so much since I have been here. It was a really good time. Love you, have to go.

Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4. 2013

Hey family!! It's a beautiful life!! :) love you mom!! You are the best mom everrrrrrrr... So like this week was good! We are visiting a lot of less active members to help them come back to the church because there are so many less active members. It is funny to see how some of them have changed so much and some of them are worse than investigators!! It is a little sad at times also, but I love the feeling when they say they want to come back and notice the difference in their life when they don't go to the church. We had interviews with the President this Thursday. Well, most missionaries get really nervous to talk to him. I was feeling just normal. My interview was actually pretty long, longer than most. We talked alot and he gave me a lot of help on how to find more people to teach and how to be a better person. He is such an amazing man. He is like a best friend to me. Then after, I was going to leave and I asked if he could give me a blessing. He gave me a blessing, and it was so poweful. In fact, it was my first blessing I have received in Spanish. Then he said he loved me and keep up the good work. That was such an amazing time. I was looking forward to that day for a long time. This gospel is so amazing, and true! I am so thankful for the priesthood that we have on the earth and even greater that we have it in our family.

Hahah on the way back I saw a mom, dad, and two little kids riding on one motorcycle!! It was like watching Mr. Bean's video. I got the valentine package last Wednesday! Thank you so much. I absolutely loved it so much!!! My companion also loved it. There was a lot of stuff in it. Thanks for all the decorations and the treats and all! I sent off a letter to Court on Wednesday. I hope she gets it soon. I also sent one to Corey. I took out 100 pesos from the card that I have. I figured out how to use it easily. Thanks for the money. How is Brian Scott doing? What type of cancer does he have? Is he recovering? We are blessed to have these problems because we are growing and learning. Without these problems we would consistently be the same person, we would never grow or realize how blessed we are. We are receiving the blessing from God and Jesus Christ to grow, learn, so we can become like Jesus. So we can always look at the positive side :) Thanks for always being so positive. It is something I am working on myself. I am not always perfect at it, but I am getting a lot better. I fasted on Friday, then ate lunch on Saturday and fasted again for Sunday. I know I shouldn't go without food for that long, but I felt I had to do it. It helped me out a lot. I fasted for the family, and Courtney. I am doing just fine out here, and in fact I am so happy because I am learning more and more Spanish. I have learned a lot in these past days. I am going out of my shell and trying to talk to a lot of people in the streets. It is always helping with my Spanish.

It was funny, because after we bought all the food today in Walmart, we were filling the fridge, but there wasn't enough room for everything!! I was like, well... that's a first! :) hahah there is like no room now. I have a lot of food to last awhile. I also bought two ties one for Cali Mayor and one for the family Bruno, their son. They are really cheap here. It only costs 45 pesos for one tie, or there are others for more cheap. Well I love you all so much! Let me know how you are doing! I am fulfilling my duty. :) Love Elder Parker

January 28, 2013

Hey family!!!! How is everyone doing? I am doing great! Once again this week went by so fast!! I am glad that all is well at home! That is awesome that sister Haws sat next to the family! :) She needs a family like ours with her at church. Well it turns out the package I got last Monday was from Christmas!! It was the one with shampoo and deodorant and Christmas photos and everything. I also got one from Dave and Nat and Miles and Holly. So that was nice to have like a second Christmas :) Thanks!! The other package I haven't gotten yet. I should get it soon. We have a zone meeting on Wednesday so I should get it if it has already arrived. I sent some more letters 2 weeks ago, but I am afraid it won't get to you. We'll see.

Yeah, once again it is nice and hot here!!! Just like the good old times, but I'm not complaining. It could be worse right? Nathan thanks so much for the socks, I love them!! Now I have something that reminds me of you. Oh I also got a letter from Corey Edwards!! From Taiwan. He had a picture of him in the letter also. He is one of my best friends, that letter meant a lot to me. A true friend. Ohhh.. we had a meeting Tuesday night at the church with the ward council. We got out a little early around 8:30 at night. Then these kids in our ward, little kids, cute little kids, asked if I could shoot a basketball for them. I was like sure. They said, at half court. So I said, okay why not, so then I shot it and.. it went right in :) hahaha all the kids were like... Wowwww!! How did you do that? It was really funny!

Well tell Jo dog happy birthday!! He is growing up fast!! I am really thankful for the family that we have. I was thinking about it when we were having a family night with a less active family. Well the family is active the dad is not. We were talking about the experiences we have as families and how the home is the closest to being in the temple. Then I was thinking, wow, I am so glad our house is a home! And the dad he has gone to church two straight times now :) His family is really happy with him there. Once again church was amazing! I am always so grateful to go to church! The spirit is always so strong.

Well the water here for the shower and the house is always here and there. So a lot of times we don't have water. But we have a huge tub thing on our roof with water storage, and one underneath the ground in our front patio. So the one on top was completely out. But we had some in the underneath one. I didn't want to shower with buckets from that water. So one night we got those buckets and transferred the water to the top one so we could shower. hahahh it was really fun actually. But we both ended up wet and laughing .Then today we washed our garments with a thing called a chacachaca. It is the top of a 2 liter coca cola bottle, a strong one and a stick. It is hard to explain but we put our garments in a bucket with detergent and like compress the clothes. It was really weird, but worked really good. I guess that is what a lot of people do over here to wash their clothes. Well if you need anything let me know!! Those candies chews I forgot what they are called, but they tasted really good!! Thanks for all your support and help! Love you all. Elder Parker.