Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hola familia feliz!!! Como estan? Wow, this week has gone by so super fast! It was a really really good week though!! We had the chance to hear from Elder Johnson from the 70!! It was so spiritual. He talked about how we are children of God. I know for sure we are his children. I also got to see all my old district there except for Elder Petersen. It was nice to talk to Elder Jones and Elder Stevenson and Taggart, Prudhomme, Gooden, and Bassett. We all had a good time, we are seriously the closest group there is in the whole mission. Same with the MTC when we were there. I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday, I once again started crying. I can´t help it , it just comes.
So this week we have worked even harder. We had 20 lessons with a member present. It is such a high number. The zone goal is like 12. Enrique, the guy that visited Hurricane, we taught his family for the first time. It was so spiritual and they said they would go to church. During church we passed by before and they weren´t there. I was so sad. We got to the church and none of our invetigators were there. It was depressing. But then a matrimonio came walking in and it was incredible. Then there were two others that walked in with member families. We were then sitting listening to testimonios. We had a feeling to go outiside where there was service for the cell phone. All of a sudden one investigator called and said I am waiting out by the gate. We ran, seriously ran, and she said I have been waiting here for 20 minutes. It was such a spiritual experience. She said after that she felt contento and was very pleased for the church. We have a lesson with her this week. I hope she will get baptized, she is catholic like all the people here, but I have faith. The family of Enrique, like I was saying, we stopped by Sunday night and asked why they didn´t come. They had an emergencia and had to drive to his sisters house cause she was really sick. So all is well with them. I was worried at first. I believe they are golden, but we will see.

After one night, we were going home with a member family. We said, oh man.. the hamburger store is closed. Because there are people that offer us hamburgers but we never have time. Then we got to our house and were planning, there was a knock at the door. It was the man with two hamburgers. It was such a happy time. We both were screaming with joy. It was the first time I have actually screamed in Mexico. hahaha
I saw a man with a Yellowstone shirt on, I asked if he has been to Yellowstone, he was like, no. Hahah he just found it probably, who knows. I also saw a shirt that said rocking in the USA. This week was full of many wonderful experiences. We have a meeting with the zone tomorrow, so I should get the mail and everything. We are going to try and get these two married tomorrow early in the morning so we can baptize them. Brother Cali Mayor, the one in the picture that is really small and old, bore his testimony about me. He said the first time he saw me when I entered his house, we gave him a blessing and gave him a short lesson , he said it strengthened his faith so much and he will never forget it. He loves me. And I love him too so much. I might give him a tie or something, because he only has one tie. I love you all so much!!!! Love Elder Parker-- Peter Parker, that is.
P.S. Guess what? Now we get to keep the 1300 por each month. Before we only got to keep 900 and the other for transportation, but now we get to keep all 1300.
P.P.S. On a funny note- my companion said the dogs go wow wow and roosters go kikiriki. ha ha

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