Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hi mom and family. Sorry we had to write early because we are leaving to Tuxtla today :)

We have seen some amazing miracles mom. I know we don't do anything. The Lord does everything.
I was telling my companion the other day, we are so blessed to be able to be witnesses of these
miracles and be able to see changes in the people here. Our Heavenly Father must love us so much
to have us here experiencing these things. :)

I really enjoyed that scripture thanks:) Wow that is awesome. I am so proud of Josh!!
Wow, what a great family we have.

Our stake here had a choir about the atonement.
It was really spiritual and we took investigadors there.
It was amazing. I have never seen a choir so good here in Mexico.
I really enjoyed it :)

The investigadors were a mom with her kids. Her husband couldn't go. But yes we have a lot of investigadors.
We are teaching several families. I just want to have the families be converted unto the Lord. We are so close mom.
I am praying. I know they will receive the gospel. I know our Heavenly Father is changing their lives.

Well I need to go. We are traveling to Tuxtla to meet with the President. It is about a 6 hour ride on the bus.
We stay over night until tomorrow. I am excited.

I love you all.

April 21, 2014

Hey family how are you all? Well this was a really great week!! We were able to see some people change the desires of their hearts and were able to receive the blessings of our Heavenly Father. This week was called the semana santa. The holy week. They have a lot of weird traditions here that they celebrate the whole entire week. It was fun to see some people acting weird haha. Do you want to know something really funny. I didn't even realize it was Easter yesterday until we got home at night and I was like oh hey.. Easter was today. hahah It was hilarious. So I took advantage of the few hours we had to eat some snacks :) We are continueing to work hard here in the area. It has been a lot hotter lately. Which is fine :) hahah. Well it only rained once this week. And it didn't rain a ton. So I am guessing it will start raining really hard soon. I hope. We aren't going to the Tree of life rock today. Or maybe we will. I want to go this week or next week for sure.

The ants actuallly didn't eat anything in the package. And thanks so much for the package and the other package that you sent with the Lopez family, and the shaver. It works real nice. Thanks. You spoiled me!! hahah Sounds like a lot of fun hiking. Can't wait to go hiking as well!! Well because I'm in shape and everything to walk all day. This week we worked hard and my companion actually had to put his feet in a bucket with cold water to help ease his pain away. It was actually quite funny but he is liking it. Well I will go so we can chat. I love you all.

April 14, 2014

The Lopez family from Elder Parkers area that came to visit
Heber, Viktor Hugo, and Maria Teresa

Hey mom and family!! I am doing great!! I am glad that the Lopez familia is there with you guys.
I am glad everything went well. We are continueing to work hard here in the area.
My companion is great and we work really well together. He is always funny but focused as well.
It actually rained here once really hard. But I talked to the people and they were like, nah.. that is nothing wait until it rains for real. hahah it was funny because I thought it was so much rain. I have seen a bunch of Iguanas lately. I am waiting to see if I can eat one soon. That is what I want haha. President Cardenas came to Tapachula this week and watched the broadcast of the dedication of the mtc in Mexico. It was really neat
I am sure you can find it on the internet. It is by Dallin H Oaks. So I was able to receive the Easter package. I haven't opened
it yet but I think I probably should soon because I saw some ants entering the package. Should I wait or open it? hahah

Well thanks for everything. My convert bore his testimony in the sacrament meeting. Wow, that was powerful. He has changed a
lot and we are working to help his family also. I love this place. The members are great here.

Well my companion wants some skittles and starbursts hahah He said anything sweet hahah

Well I will go so we can chat. I love you all. Bye :)

April 7, 2014

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing excellent.
I really enjoyed the general conference. It was so amazing.
I felt the spirit throughout the whole conference. I know that
they are called of God. Josh and Nathan thanks for the letter
you wrote me. This week went by fast and good.

We traveled to Tuxtla tuesday afternoon. It took 7 hours to get there!
The immigration system stopped the bus 2 times, we had to get off
and show them our suitcases and put it through a detector thing. Out of
everyone there, they made me open up all my bags. haha just my luck. :)
We got to Tuxtla and ate some dinner and met the other elders. That is where
I met my companion. His name is Elder Leon. He is from Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico
that is. He has 26 years old. He was baptized three years ago. He is the only member
of his family that is a member. We get along well. He has 14 months in the mission.
He is really funny and is always excited! So I am glad everything worked out.
I was able to see some really good friends in Tuxtla. And in the morning we played
soccer and threw a football around. I slept outside with Elder Petersen. It was good to talk with him.
That was a alot of fun. Then I saw my old companion the next day for breakfast. Elder Aguilar. It was great moment.
He told me of the progress of the area in Tuxtla and everything. It was good!
Then we had the council. It went really amazing. I absolutely loved it. I learned a ton.
Then we left back to Tapachula and got here Wednesday night at 9. So we couldn't work those two days.
We were able to bring a lot of people to general conference. Which I was so happy these people
could see the messages and feel the spirit. So so happy! Well everything goes well here. Thanks for everything.

I really enjoyed all the conference talks. I hope you all did too. :)
I love you all.

Elder Parker

March 24, 2014

This week went really well for us. We are working extremely hard.
As a leader it is always important to do the work and put the example first.
Because we can't help the rest if we are completing with our part.
I really enjoy this area. The zone is getting really excited. We are going to
have a lot of success here in Tapachula. I can't want until the general conference.
I always love listening to the prophet and the apostoles. I know we have an organization perfect in the church. Which is much needed to help us out in life.
I love teaching the people about prophets and how we have one these days.

Well transfers will be next Monday.. I guess we will see what happens.

Thanks for your emails. Sorry I couldn't write very much. We will get to chat at least.
I am forcing myself to talk to as many people as I can everyday. Which is quite fun actually. :)

The area is great mom. It is way different. But I enjoy it. I am willing to do anything to help these people.
We had a great Saturday. We were able to see another miracle and baptize. I am hoping for a lot more miracles
in this area. I always seem to feel the spirit working within us. What a blessing we have. I know if it wasn't for the spirit
I couldn't do anything. What a great message we get to share every day. :) It makes me so happy.

Well. I don't know what you guys will do for the conference.
And I don't want to pressure you guys. But a really nice family here from my
ward in Tapachula is going to the conference. They leave the 30 of March.
They are giong to stay in Salt Lake. But I told them if they need anything we
could help them out. They asked if they could stay in the house started from
7 April for like 3 days. I told them I don't know and that I would talk to you guys.
They are also willing to bring some of my stuff home for me. Sorry if I offered help
when I shouldn't have. It just came out of my mouth when I offered it.... What
do you think?

March 17, 2014

Hey mom and family!! How are you all? I am doing really good. Well I am here in the good old Tapachula.
The zone is called Izapa and my area is called Estacion. Like station. I think it is called station because
they is a train station here. hahah a little run down now. Well it is nice to be here. I am getting used to my
area and the members. We worked really hard this week. I really enjoyed it. I have had some really spiritual
experiences in this short time. I have actually started crying in a few lesssons which is different because I don't
even know these people but I already feel the love for them. I didn't even realize that today is St. Patrick's day. How funny!
The housing is sure different. It isn't as nice, but it is pretty big in fact. It has 2 stories. But I am going to clean it a lot, because
it is pretty messy. I like it though! Can't complain. Well my companion is called Elder Kjar. He is actually from Eagle, Idaho.
It is my first american companion in the mission. So that is pretty neat. He is a great elder. We get along well! He ends the mission
in two months.

So guess what I ate the first day here.. I ate soup of pig feet. hahaha What an experience!! That was my special welcome here :) hahah
I'll just say that it tastes pretty different. This area and zone need a lot of help. But we are seeing a lot of progress already! I really
enjoyed that scripture that you said. (D&C 112:19) It invited the spirit and I know that it is true. I am really excited to keep working. I feel the spirit
a lot lately. I was able to leave some stuff for the members and converts in my other area. I felt good to be able to help them out.
We had some great lessons here and they went to church with us!!

It is a lot different here than Tuxtla. It is like the coast. It is funny because it reminds me of Hawaii in a weird way. But a lot different.
The bus ride was good 6 hours. Well I'll go so we can chat.

I love you all. Love Elder Parker

March 10, 2014

Hey mom and family! How is everyone? Well I am doing good.
We worked really hard this week. It was a great week and I love this area.

Well this morning we had a surprise call.. It turns out there was special transfers and
I am leaving to Tapachula. It's an area about 6 hours from here. It's one of the hottest
cities in the whole mission. And it rains a ton I guess. I am really sad because
that family I told you about has their baptismal date this Saturday with two other people.
We had a lot of families that we were teaching and lots of prospects for baptism. I loved the members
here as well. I will miss the ward conference also.

But I am excited to leave and help those missionaries out in Tapachula. They told me in the phone call
that President has a lot of confidence in me and needs my help over there to help get that zone more excited
and work harder. So I know the Lord has moved me there for a reason. I am excited to get working hard. :)

Thanks for the package. I loved it :) I am glad your week is going by good.

I have a question.. . I don't know if everything will fit in my suitcases. Should I just give some stuff away?
And what should I do with all my letters and cards and stuff?

Well thanks for everything. I leave tomorrow morning. I love you all.
Elder Parker