Friday, May 31, 2013

May 20, 2013

Hey mom!! I love you!! I sent off some letters today to you guys :) I am doing good! My talk went really well, I was a little nervous in fact, but I think that is good. I was talking with my companino about how much time we had. 10 minutes each to give a talk. I was telling him that before the mission that would be so much time, but here it is not enough time to talk about everthing that I would want to say. It is amazing how I can now talk a lot longer than before. I talked about the talk from the May 2012 Ensign from the talk by bishop Edgley or something. It is in the priesthood session. I read the story of the young lady that was less active. I talked about how we can help the members come back to the church and we can help them with their problems. I also talked a little bit about elder M Russell Ballards talk from 2000 in the Ensign that says that the members are the key of missionary work. There are a lot of less active members here! So I hope I animated the members to help those less actives.

This week was good, a little hard at times. But I am learning a lot. We are doing everything possible to find more people to teach. We are searching new and different ways to find people. We are forcing ourselves to go out of our comfort zones even a little bit more. It will work :) I am glad that dad's talk went well. He is great on giving talks! I am so proud of Mitchell and his talk and him wanting to serve a mission. He has always been a great kid. That makes me really excited. I miss Mccrae, too. The mission is so amazing. I am so glad I came out here!! I am serving the Lord!!!! :) I got an email from Mike Mangum. He is one of my best friends. He is such a good kid. I loved spending time with him in high school. I can't believe that Lauren is already graduating! It seems like I was just there last week. It is so crazy how time flies. I seriously can't believe it. Oh.. I was thinkiing of Sister Choate --I can't remember how you spell it. But I sure do miss her. I loved going to her house after church to give her the sacrament. One of the best memories I have had. She is so amazing. If you can contact her or something and tell her I miss her and send her my greetings. I made a list of how the gospel has helped me and my family this morning in my studies. It was a long list of like 40 things, but I could have given so much more. It was amazing how we are so blessed with this gospel. We have another lesson with the Stake President and a family he is going to invite at 7pm. Wish us luck! I am so excited to teach them. The Stake President is awesome, really excited with the missionary work. The ward is really small here. 58 people came to church this week. Years ago there used to be 150 members, but they all moved or are less members. We are going to get to that number again, that is my goal :) I love you all. Bye :)

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