Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6, 2013

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing really good!! We are now in the new area... My second area, and my second area that I have opened.. meaning, we are both new to the area again. I thought for sure I would have a companion that would already be here. But my companion and I got here together, the two of us new. We didn't know anything about the area. We didn't have any investigators, only 1 and we didn't know any of the members. It was quite an experience. We got here not knowing anything. But now we know a little bit. My companion is named Elder Macias. He is from Culiacan Mexico. Where Jordan Prince is serving. He has 6 months in the mission. He was in Tonala before with Elder Petersen. He is a really obedient Elder. He teaches really well, and we seem to get along well. So that is nice. We are both expecting big things in these couple of months. We have big goals even though we don't know anything about the area. The house is nicer than my last house! I am like 30 minutes from my house. But we are in the middle of the city here. The people are a lot different and there is a little more money in the area. In some houses. We are renting a house, well upstairs. It has running water. The shower is apart of the house, in the back patio. This house reminds me that I am in the cabin or something. It is really weird. But I like the house a lot. It's just a house with a little room to study a room to sleep in and a kitchen and a little bathroom outside. It is a little bit more fresh the weather in this area. But the ward is so small. There were only 42 people that showed up. In my last ward there were like 150. It is a really small ward. I am learning a lot about this area, and it has been quite fun living in another house and a new area. I really like my last area, i think more than this one. The members were better and more quiet during the day and night. But i like this area too, I will learn to love it. We only have one fan, so I have been a little hot in the night, I wake up sweating. But I will be fine. It is like 85 degrees at 6 in the morning here. At least that is what the alarm clock says. I am happy and healthly. :) i am excited for skype. I can do it the 10 11 0r 12 of May. Whatever day you want!!!! I love you all. Love Elder Parker

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