Friday, June 7, 2013

June 3, 2013

Hey mom :) How are you doing and the family? I am doing great!! Wow, has it rained here or what!! I heard abiout that Hurricane also. That is so crazy that I was receiving the effects of a hurricane! Rock you like a hurricane. I was socking wet yesterday. It was so crazy! But I loved it. We had to walk really far, and we couldn't cross any road because it was so deep, the water was flowing really fast too. I felt like I was actually in Salina or something because there were ¨rivers in every place¨. The hurricane was mostly in Tonala on the coast. That is where elder Petersen is. I heard it was really bad over there. Over here nothing was harmed, only the amount of water and the wind. We are doing safe. The boots are working really good. But yesterday was a really hot day. So we decided not to put on the boots. Then all of a sudden at like 4 it started raining really hard, luckily a member let me borrow his umbrella. So we got soaked. It was a fun experience. We were the only ones in the streets, everyone else in their houses. We just use plastic bags to put our scriptures in.

Thanks for the package!! The one for elder Macias. When should we open it? There are transfers next Monday. I have a feeling one of us will leave! But guess what.. We will have a baptism on Wednesday. Her name is Karla. She is amazing, she knows a lot. Her mom and sister are members as of one month ago, but she never accepted baptism. She is like 23 years old. She has been listening on and off from the missionaries for like 1 year. And she accepted our invitation!! She said she has never felt the feelings she has felt with any other missionaries or lessons or anything. She feels the spirit so much. I know we were meant to find her and help her in her life. She was our chosen person. I can't wait!! I am doing good, we went to Walmart this morning :) The house is fine. We are enjoying the mission. I love you so much. :) I will go so we can chat. Love elder Parker

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