Sunday, July 7, 2013

June 10, 2013

Hey mom!! How are you doing? I am doing great as always! Wow this week was awesome!! :) The baptism was absolutely amazing. It was really spiritual. She was filled with the spirit. Her family showed up and some members even. We took a bunch of pictures before. I felt the spirit so strongly during her baptism. After she bore her testimony! She was crying and she said, now, my next step is to serve a mission. Wow.. How powerful that was. I can't wait for her to leave on a mission. It went really great. This week was really good. And guess what, no one in my district is transfering. We are all staying the same. So I will have Elder Macias's birthday here my birthday here, the 4th of July here and my hump day. What an experience! I am glad I get to stay because we will have another baptism this Saturday! So I wanted to stay for that. I like this area, there is everything here in the area. Dominos', Little Caesars, Walmart, a bunch of other stores too. Burger King, KFC, it is like the middle middle city. I am really happy serving the Lord, I have felt the spirit so much lately. I know the spirit testifies of the truth. I sent off a letter today for court! I miss that girl. We will be opening the package for Elder Macias soon! Thanks so much :) I love you all. I am so glad that you finally got those letters. The one champion one I drew the picture when I was really sick and in bed all day. But I finally got to send it off. I am glad youi liked the letters! I love those kind of movies, like 17 Miracles. That is awesome! The Lone Ranger, I don 't remember what that is. But our mission leader in our ward was asking me about it, he told me to ask my parents if they knew, which is funny because you just told me about it coming out on my birthday. It has been really hot here, but that 's normal. Today we ate in Dominos! haha tastes pretty good. Mccrae wrote me, which was really nice. I miss that guy. Well we also had the activity of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It went really good. I bore my testimony! I felt really good, and so did the members. well I'll go now so we can chat. adios amigos :)

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