Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hola, mom. This keyboard is weird so bear with me. So first off this week has been really bad... I got robbed and have no money. I have a black eye and my stomach kills.. just kidding hahahah Actually this week has been really good. I think I am losing weight here though. hah because we have one huge meal for lunch but really no breakfast and not any dinner. The members feed us every lunch, so that is really nice. I have to force myself to eat a ton because if I don't I will be really hungry for the rest of the day. Well there are lots of mosquitos here and many bugs. One morning my companion was yelling and I went in the other room and there were lizards hahaha it was so funny. Our house is really small and honestly really dirty. But it's a house and I'm thankful for it. We don't have washing machines or anything either. No carpet or tile on the floor no air conditioning or anything. But luckily I have a fan for when I sleep. It is all good.

I love being here and seeing this other world. In one week I have already seen improvements in my understanding the language. The members here are so very nice. One member gave us 250 pesos. He reminds me of dad because he is very giving and expects nothing in return. I am trying to get used to pesos, it is really weird. All the people here play futbol all day. But all the people are nice here, I actually like talking to them. I don't have much time I really don't. Today has been really really busy. I didn´t have time to write or anything like that. But it is all good!! Our area is called Bosque, it is really big. I love it in this area. All the people are nice and smile and say buenas tardes. Well they do talk really fast here and most of the time I just look at them and nod my head like I understand. haha its quite funny actually. I will get better. But seriously, this is nothing like what Christ had to go through. Whenever I start getting down on myself or being selfish or saying this is too hard, I immediately say wait.. Christ had it so much worse than this and he never complained.

We get around by walking almost everywhere. But we get in coletivo vans or taxis but have to pay for that. Vans are 5 pesos, taxis are like 35. It is weird being in a van with everyone so close to me. I dont know if I have time to write anyone else. So sorry if I don't. We are running late as it is and I am typing as fast as I can. They watch movies here like ice age and drake and josh haha it is funny to see when I am tracting. We tract so much here because we are both new to this area and didn't know anything. So we are working with members a lot and just tracting. My companion is elder Olvera he is the district leader. He is from Hildalgo Mexico. He has been out for 8 months. He is really kind and loves serving these people as well as me. Yesterday we had one of the best lessons. Both of the hermanas were crying and I started crying a little even though I didn´t understand all of it. We asked her to get baptized and she accepted for September 22. I am excited for her.

Elder Petersen is actually in my zone so I get to see him every Tuesday. What a relief. I know this is hard and I want what is best for my old district. I was able to give my first blessing in Spanish. Wow.. I don't know how I did it but I did. I know I was helped because I couldn't have done it on my own.

Our door in our house is always open. All the doors here are never closed unless at night. It is really weird and I am not used to it. But I do kind of understand what dad had to go through growing up... a dirt house. We are so blessed where we live. It is so dirty here and trash everywhere. It has rained like 5 days since I have been here. Yesterday it rained so much. But it is still hot and humid when it rains here! Well I don´t have much time. I still need to write court. I love you all so much. Don´t worry about me here. I haven't got any mail, who knows when, hahah But it is no problem at all. I love you all so so so much . gracias por todo.
love Elder Parker

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