Saturday, September 29, 2012

September 17, 2012

Taylor's Branch Counselor and his wife

Brother and Sister Jones

A fun family from their ward

Hey family!!! How are you all doing.. well this week has actually gone by pretty fast. I was able to buy more food luckily!! Finally. hahah so don't worry, I will try and eat more food. It is hard though because some of the food I don't like, but I am finding stuff that I really like. For instance, today at the members house we had a fish. hahah a whole fish with the head and all. it was weird but I kind of liked it. 
Well one experience this week.. There is this member girl about 17 years old. She is really sick and needed a blessing one night after our meeting with the bishop. There were four missionaries in the room with her and her friend. She then said I want you Elder Cota to annoint the oil and I want you Elder Parker to give the blessing. I was like are you kidding me... I did not know why she picked me to do it. But she really wanted me to do it for some reason. Luckily, they said I could do it in English. It was really spiritual and I was so happy I could give her a blessing. If you get a chance, look at the Mormon messages by David Bednar about the light. I had the opportunity to look at the Mormon website and watch "Good Things to Come" by Jeffrey Holland. (The one you showed us, and love so much, dad) I really love that video! I also was able to look at our house on the maps site on the LDS website. hahah it was nice to see it again. Well guess what!! I gave my first talk here in Mexico this past Sunday. It was on the Book of Mormon. I was so nervous, but I prayed for help and when I started, the words just flowed out of my mouth. I don't know how I was able to pronounce the words so well, but I was truly blessed. Then one of the members, I will try and connect a pic of him and his family, he came up to me and said that was such an amazing talk. He was crying during it, because I was crying in my talk also, when I was bearing my testimony at the end. He reminds me of dad. Anyway he said I was just going to come to sacrament meeting today and go home after, but after I heard you talk the spirit came over me and it was so powerful it consumed me. He said after he felt that feeling he wanted to stay for the rest of church. He is such an amazing guy. 

So we have seen a lot of drunk people here. The other day one of them came up to us and wanted to punch my companion. He kept pointing at him saying stuff. Then he would look at me and shake my hand like a thousand times saying I like you a lot, but not this man. It was really weird, but I wasn't scared at all. hahaha We met this other man, he lived in California for ten years. He was in prison for 4 years in Arizona because he shot some people. but he had to come back here and his two kids and wife are in California. He expressed how sad he is, but he said he has changed his life, no drugs or anything. I bore my testimony to him and started to cry because I know he can change. He was starting to cry also. Well september 15 was their Independence day here. It was pretty exciting. Towards the night after our day, we ordered a pizza and watched the restoration in our house. It was nice to relax and have some pizza finally, but the pizza here is pretty expensive. 

Happy birthday Nathan!!!! Wow 9 years old already!! You are growing up so fast. I sure do love you! Lauren how was the dance? Josh, wow, sounds like your game was really exciting, keep working hard. Dad, I will try and eat more food, I actually try and get as much sleep as I can. I usually go to bed around 10 instead of 1030. Thanks for the cds mom, because I listen to them like every morning, that or the ipod. I heard the song Jackson 5 today while we were buying food in Walmart. They like to listen to a lot of English music for some reason. I saw a Perry the Platypus shirt also hahaha. They really like the movie Nacho Libre and Skeletor. I hope everything is going well back at home. I still haven't received any mail. I heard we don't until every change or when there is a special occasion and we get to see the President. Every change is about a month and a half. So our next change is October 15. But the zone leader said he might be able to pick it up the first of October if they let him. He is really nice, from Texas. Well dad don't worry, I am stretching every day. I will try and eat more. It is just difficult to get used to at first, but now I am eating more and buying some good food. I am going to try and upload some pictures so I hope they work. How's the family doing overall? I sure do love you all so much!! Just know that I really am doing okay here and you don't need to worry about me or anything. I am in the hands of the Lord. Seriously. I sure do love you all and I can't wait to speak Spanish in front of you with Court when we get back.
 love Elder Parker 
 P.S. We take our laundry to a guy and he washes and folds our clothes for really cheap. So it is really nice.

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