Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September 24, 2012

Hey family... how are you doing? I am doing so good here!!! In the background right now the song is "Don't Worry Be Happy". It was a blessing to hear that song. Well let's start off with monday. Last monday it literally rained cats and dogs. We had a lesson at around 8 that night. It was raining for like 2 hours. After, it was still raining and it took us a whole hour to get back to our house because... the roads were literally rivers!!!! hahaha no kidding. There wasn't a spot of the road that wasn't at least 2 feet deep in water. We had to hop around on rocks and stuff to cross each road! It was actually really fun and we were laughing the whole time. Then on Tuesday we went to the immigration center, and it so happened that my whole old district was there! It was so nice to see and talk to all of them, they all look so different already. I happened also to receive my letters! I received a lot actually. It felt like christmas and I loved it so much. Thank you so much for all the dear elders and that card. It really made my day. I am now legal in Mexico, because I received my green card that same day. This week I have probably eaten the best food since I have been here. I have had spaghetti, corn, soup, beans and lots of other foods that I like. It is really weird, some days I feel like I don't have any more energy at all, and all of a sudden this huge feeling comes over me and the spirit is so strong and I have strength. I have no doubt it is from your prayers and how I am being blessed through prayers. It is so spiritual and powerful.

Well, this week the hermanas in my district wanted to see pictures of my family so I showed them pictures. They were so so excited! And they said that you, mom, look really really young, they couldn't believe you were my mom!! hahah good thing I have a good looking mom!! love you~!!! Then yesterday, we took a taxi to a sistérs house in our ward, but the hill was so steep that the taxi couldn't make it up. It was hilarious. This week has gone by so fast. And I am finally getting the hang of things! It is very different here, but I find myself laughing and smiling and having fun all the time. Like last night, there were four hombres singing and playing their instruments at a party. It reminded me of Nacho Libre. Just little things like that make it fun. How is everything going at the house! I am glad that Nathan had an awesome birthday, and Josh!!! Happy Birthday!! Wow you and Nathan are both getting so old! I can't wait to hear how football is going for both of you. Don't worry about me here, I'm just getting tanner and growing a sweet mustache hahah. My hair grows faster here, that is for sure.

I love my district and zone. We had a baptism activity this past Saturday. I was the witness for the baptisms. It was awesome, because it was my first time. I talked to Elder Petersen like the whole time I was there. Our investigator didn't get baptized because she had work, but it is alright, no worries at all. I bought a bunch of food today, which is nice. I changed my 20 dollars into 250 pesos today! So I have some extra money. Thanks for the updates for football, I love hearing about that!! The language is increasing so much every day. I am far from where I was three weeks ago, but still have a long ways to go. Yes, I understand people at the door, most of the time. I have to listen really close, but in most conversations, I can understand. But then sometimes it is harder. I am getting used to the humidity, but I still sweat so so much! I don't need anything right now! Thanks for asking though. We are working really hard though, and I have faith that we will find people. We do teach about 5 lessons a day! Which is nice! Keep fighting the good fight, because we are going to win!!! I love you all!! Sometimes I took our family for granted, our house, our food, school, everything. But now I realize how blessed I am to have you all as a family. I love you all so much!! love Elder Parker

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