Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 7, 2013

Well I don't have much time, we are running a little late today. But how is the family doing?? Woohoooooo I am staying here in my area!!! I will have the same companion too. Our whole district is staying in their area. Well I am really excited about that. I am glad everything back at home is going good. I bought some vitamins today at Walmart so that should last for a little while.

Well, Sunday was such a spiritual experience for me. We had church that started at 8. We had testimony meeting. I didn't feel like bearing my testimony because it is always a little scary and difficult in Spanish. But the spirit was telling me to go bear my testimony. So I went up there and waited in line. Well, throughout the testimonies it is always a little loud and kids going in and out of the room. But when I got up there and started talking, the first thing I did was start crying. The whole room went silent. I am not kidding, I didn't hear anything, everyone was staring at me. I started saying how I didn't want to get up but I knew I needed to. Then I talked about how lucky we are to have the sacrament each week and receive forgiveness. I talked about setting goals this year and then lastly, I talked about my family. How much I loved them. Then I told them, spend as much time as you can with your family this year. It is a blessing, don't take it for granted. Then I said a few other things. Then I went and sat down and just lost it and was crying really bad. I don't know why, I guess the spirit was so strong. Also I was looking out in the congregation and everyone was crying. There is one guy in our ward, an old bishop and he never cries he is the most strict member in the ward. I have been trying to gain his confidence these whole 4 months. Well when I was crying and bearing my testimony, I looked out in the audience and he was crying, tears running down his face. I couldn't believe it. I am so happy that I touched someones heart. Then we were eating with the family Bruno. They are one of my favorite families here. They said they want me to come to their house with my family. They will feed us Mexican food and give us a party. They want us to sleep there too, for free. They are so nice. He has your email and will probably write on dads Dixie High email sometime.

I don't need you to send me Ensigns because the mission gives them to us. So thank you :) I received the package on New Years Day and letters. Thank you so much, it was perfect timing and Elder Cortina loved his presents. Purple is his favorite color. The weather has actually been really nice lately. It is windy and feels a little like over there in the fall. We also celebrated the dia de reyes. Well I didn't celebrate it much but the people did. They have a huge cake of bread that they share with the family. It is about the wise men that came to Christ or something that they celebrate. I was able to eat some of that cake they call rasco or something like that. I am so sad to hear about Elder Jensen. I was looking forward to seeing him, but I'm sure the Lord has a purpose for this. Also, I haven't seen Elder Monson yet, but we should have a huge meeting soon and I could possibly see him then. Well, I love you all so much . Sorry I don't have so much time. If you need anything let me know. Love Elder Parker

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