Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

Hola familia!! How are you all doing? I am doing just great!! Well my stomach doesn't hurt anymore. I just have a runny nose and my throat hurts a little. My companion and I both have it. I think they call it gripe or gripa. But we will talk to the mission wife if it lasts two more days or so. How is everyone? I loved talking and seeing the family on Christmas. That was the best present I could ever ask for. It was amazing how clear the skype worked. I actually felt like I was there at grandpas house with you all. I will never forget that phone call. Thanks for all that you have done for me.

I went to Walmart today to buy the one a days but they don't have them there. Should I buy a different kind or what? I bought some good food. Well the next transfer is next Tuesday. I will find out next Monday if I am leaving or not. Wish me luck :) I will be getting some 2 packages and my letters tomorrow in my meeting with the zone. Well that is what the zone leaders told me at least. So I am excited for that. Yes, we celebrate the New Year here. We had like 4 member families invite us to their house tonight. But we will be going to two. We are going to work before, so we had to tell the other one we don't have time. We are really excited to eat more food and hang out with the families. One of the families is one of my favorites. Lauren, I am in the works of making a surprise for you. I hope it all works out :)

We had such a good lesson the other night. A man named Felipe. He was a Jehovah Witness before. He studied the Bible very hard and a lot of years. But he later found he wasn't having any happiness. They can't celebrate Christmas or birthdays or anything. So we showed up at his house and started teaching him. He is so hungry to learn more. Two nights ago we asked him a question. How do you think we can become closer to Christ? He said read the scriptures and pray. And we said later on, also baptism. It is the way we can become closer to Christ. He said, what do I need to do to be baptized? I was like, are you serious? It was the perfect question. He accepted to get baptized. So we are just going to finish the lessons with him, and he will get baptized. He is definitely a chosen one. Thanks for all that you do. I wish you the best with the New Year. Yes, there are fireworks going off every day. There are like no rules here. hahha

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