Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 11, 2013

Hola Madre, como esta? Estoy muy bien aqui. Pues... todavia no tengo companero. How are you doing mom? I love you. how is the family! That is awesome that you are all in California. Well.. i still don't have a companion. I tallked to the President this week he told me I won't have one till the next transfer. Which is next week. He told me well it came fast, but we need to be prepared. So I am glad that I was prepared for this. I have learned a lot. This past week I had a young man in my ward work with me all the week. He is preparing for his mission, he is 21 years. But he snored so loud at night.. I couldn't sleep at times,. IT was the loudest I have ever heard anyone sleep. It sounded like someone was literally sawing logs in the forest. But this week I will have a different young man I believe. The assistants to the President are going to call me to confirm.

We had a good week, I am finding lots of people to teach. Oh. I received the package!! So should I open it or is it for Easter? Thanks so much! It looks like it costs a lot of money!! You don't need to send packages, because I know they cost a lot. I am doing fine, just need to keep working hard. We had a conference with the President on Friday. We learned a lot of good stuff, we ate some food. I saw Elder Taggart from my district in the mtc. Then we had stake conference this week. It was really good. A lot was to do with jobs, and money and relationships with wives and tithing. Because they need that over here. Then on Sunday we heard from Elder Bednar and Richard Scott. and Elaine Dalton. and Ulisses Soares. It was really good, and I learned alot. They talked a lot about repentance. We had a lot of investigators go, that was amazing! Well I will end this short so I can talk to you all!! Love you all so much. Love Elder Parker.
P.S. I heard a quote in stake conference. We all go through things that are hard, but the Lord knows why and he is preparing us for something. I truly believe the Lord prepares us through hard times, he knows how much we can bare and when we will succeed and learn more.

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