Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25, 2013

We were in the occ this Tuesday receiving companions.

Hey mom!! And family!!! Well I finally have a companion!! I went on Tuesday with the meeting with the President and then I met my companion! I almost started crying when we hugged because I felt the spirit and that I finally had a companion. He is really awesome. He is from Puebla Mexico. He is 18 years old. He isn't very tall. He is skinny. He is really spiritual and really nice. For example, one morning I got out of the shower and he had pollished my shoes. He does a lot of nice stuff for me. He is really nervous in the lessons, but he is getting better. I am doing all I can to help him improve. It has been a good experience so far. We are having a lot of success. And we will have a baptism this Wednesday. :)

Tell Kim and Brian Lee congrats. We had a meeting on Saturday with Elder Dehoyos. He is a spiritual man. I saw Elder Jensen, Elder Taggart, Elder Stevenson, Elder Petersen and Elder Jones. I saw a lot of my friends. Me and Elder Jensen sat next to each other in the meeting. :) It was really nice to talk to him and catch up on a few memories. I sure do love writing you and the family. I catch myself thinking in the morning during Mondays that I will be able to write my family!! :) How is everything going over there? Well if you could send some beef jerky. An Elder in my district wanted some beef jerky, and he will pay me. I am fine with ties, I have a lot. You don't need to send anymore :) I sent a package today, so I hope it gets there soon. I am really enjoying the mission, I am learning so much about the Lord and myself. I really am changing so much. I can feel it everyday. I am so thankful for this gospel that we have. It is truly the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on the earth. I am doing a challenge that Elder Dehoyos asked us to do. We are to read the Book of Mormon in 85 days and highlight everytime it refers to Jesus Christ, when it says his name. Because we can realize that it talks about Jesus Christ and not just Joseph Smith like everyone thinks. I am already learning a lot from this activity. Thank you for everything!! I sure do love you all so very much. Take care. I am doing great :) Thanks for all your help. Love Elder Parker.

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