Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hey Mom!! How are you? I am doing good!! WEll.... I get my new companion tomorrow!!! :) I am going to train again. It will be a new missionary. I don't know who it will be, but I will get to see him tomorrow!! I am so excited!! I am staying in my same area again!! But I am doing really good. Thanks so much for the emails |:) you know those two oil holders that say faith on them. If you could send two more that would be great. Two members want them. They are going to pay me and you can send them. Please :) I got the easter package!! Thank you so much! I loved it. The mini Preach My Gospel too! And all the pictures. The candy is my favorite and I am already eating a lot :)

Well this week we were walking at night next to the junglish area. It was night and all of a sudden these dogs started barking real loud. Then we heard a really loud growl.. And the dogs stopped barking and ran away, we think it was a jaguar. It was so loud and we were so scared! Because we have heard that there are jaguars here. It was a scary moment.

I was in the church yesterday, and all of a sudden the sisters called us in to the primary room, the primary then gave us a huge paper with signatures from them and pictures. The primary kids are so cute and they were all happy. I couldn't help but cry a little when I bore my testimony to them. It is one of the best gifts that I have received. Also there is a brother named Hamada. He is Japanese and his wife is Spanish. They have like 3 kids. They are the best. The parents speak English. The dad speaks 5 languages. They are in our ward. But they are moving to Tijuana. They invited us over for some food to say goodbye. And in the night they gave us some pizza and they are going to leave. The dad left today and the mom and her kids on April 11th. The mom is really nice and they want to visit our house. She wants her son to stay a week or two with Nathan and Josh. He is a really cool kid. He is part Japanese and Spanish. But I told her I would give her email to you. She is really nice, and you can email her. She wants you to email her quick and also my blog she wants.

I am learning a lot. I have realized how lucky I am to be here on the mission. We had the district meeting last Tuesday. We started then all of a sudden the zone leaders and the assistantes to the President entered. Which they are never in the meetings. I gave a really good meeting, and at the end I shared a little story and couldn't help but crying. I tried not to, but you know me. Then I noticed that the zone leaders were crying and all the sisters also. It was a really spritual moment. Then after the meeting we had splits. The assistent worked with me in my area all day. So I got to learn a lot from him. It was a good experience.

Sometimes it is hard to speak English or write. But that is a good thing! I can't remember how to spell a lot of things. On Saturday I get to see Elder Jensen!! That is really cool that you went to California. Sounds like a blast. Well I want to end this quick so I can talk to you. I am going to send a package on Wednesday. Thanks for everything. :) Love you all!! Love Elder Parker

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