Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4, 2013

Hey Mom!! :) How are you doing? How is the family doing? I sure do miss you guys. But not to the extent of being homesick. I am doing really good right now :) I still don't have a companion though.. But guess what.. I ate in Mcdonalds today!! With the Zone leaders and two other elders. I felt like I was in Hurricane eating with my friends. It was a good feeling.

This week has been good, it is a little crazy not having a companion and trying to work as much as I can in my own area. But I am making the best of it, and taking advantage of this learning opportunity. I know it is all happening for a reason!! I received an email from Colton and Braden Church. They sound like they are plugging along, happy as before. Some of my best friends. I haven't heard anything of Elder Jensen. I am sure he is doing just fine! I will have a zone meeting with the President this Friday. It was going to be three zones together, but he decided to have just our zone with him. So we should be able to learn a lot and feel of what we need to do better.

I have a funny story. We were saying our prayers at night, and then my two companions went to bed. So did I, I was just laying in bed, thinking about the next day. And all of a sudden I saw something moving on the wall.. It freaked me out really bad. Because they have a lot of cockroaches in their house. I thought it was a cockroach. So I was like.. hey hey hey.. and they woke up and said what, and then I said a cockroach and they started yelling. One elder kept saying, kill it kill it. And the other was like, turn on the light turn on the light. I was like you!! So I finallly got the guts to turn on the light, and after jumped back really fast in my bed, and.... it was only a piece of paper taped to the wall. It was moving because of the fan, and it looked like a cockroach. We were laughing so hard after. Because we were all so scared, but it wasn't anything. Well I keep eating my good old popcorn that I cherish! I am really enjoying the mission and learning a lot of new things. I hope eveerything is well at home! I will end it now, so I can talk to you guys! Love Elder Parker

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