Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August 26, 2013

Hey mom and family!! how are you all doing? I am doing great thanks for wondering!! I am feeling a lot better but continue to take the pills so I cannot get sick again. This week was a great week. We worked really hard. I am glad that everyone is doing fine! Wow that is so neat that you will have a family night with that family and the missionaries! I really am excited about that. The missionaries need your help. The members are everything in the work of salvation. You will help them out so much!! The members here are helping us out a lot also. We are all excited to work together.

We had a great distirct meeting this week. I gave the class again and afterward the sisters in my district asked for a blessing. I thought they were sick but it turns out that the new sister missionary is having a hard time being valiant and talking in the lessons. So she asked me to give her a blessing. I gave her one and I felt really good afterwards. They told me, "you are the best district leader here in the mission" I was like no.. And one of the sisters said, "yes, I never knew Moroni but you remind me of him. "I felt really good about that comment because I feel like I am helping out other missionaries here in my district.

Wow it is really hot here sometimes, right now I am sweating up a storm hahah :) Today I got to eat at Burger king! It was good to taste that , it has been like over a year since I have eaten there. Wow I am really happy in the mission and never want to leave. We have been witnessing some miracles. You remember those two boys that we baptized? Well their family were less active and they are really active now, and we had a family night with them this Monday and we saw the husband and he had shaved off his beard and mustache!!! He has changed so much because before he used to drink every day. But now he is living the gospel! They are all happy. My other convert in Terrazas, Leonardo is doing great, I got to see him again at the church. He is so happy and has changed his life also. When we first saw him he was struggling in life. But now he is so happy and looks completely different. I am so glad he is strong in the church, he is like one of my best friends :) I love you all so much. Love Elder Parker

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