Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 2, 2013

Hola familia!! Como estan? Estoy muy bien y contento. Well this week went by really well. I saw some great miracles this week. I'll share the stories with you. So we have been visiting three families less actives here in the area. They haven't been able to go to church and some of them we have visited a lot. We visited all three of these families this past week and invited them all to church. They all said yes. So we believed them, and we had to show our faith that they would show up on their own, which they told us to believe in them. So we got to church talking to some of the members before church and all of a sudden two of the families showed up!!!! They brought their husbands and friends that weren't members also. They all looked so happy. The first instant I saw them, the spirit filled me up inside. I was the happiest guy in the church. So then the meeting started and I was a little sad because the other family didn't come and all of a sudden they walked in the sacrament room!!! I was like, are you serious? It was the most spiritual experience. Because they all looked so happy there in the Lord's house. I felt like I was doing my part. The spirit was so strong that day in the church. I couldn't stop smiling. I bore my testimony. And I was so full of the spirit that my heart was beating really fast and eveything. I just wanted everyone to feel good and happy. I cried a little and made it fast so I could escape the tears. It was the best Sunday I have had here in the area. And the assistance was the highest it has been these past 5 months. I am grateful that the Lord helped those families arrive. The President of the Stake bought us food on Wednesday. Two boxes of Little Caesars pizza. Well... I did it.. I ate a whole box of pizza for the first time in my life. :) hahaha I didn't think I had it in me. Maybe that was the problem, I didn't have any food in me before. hahaha
I got to see a ton of members from my last ward on Sunday. I guess the bishop changed and all the leaders and councelors. That should be a great change. I was excited to see them all. I went to Copoya, another area in my district to do changes with another missionary. I was with a North American a whole day. I felt really weird, because two Americans in Mexico together hahah. It was a great time and I learned a lot.

Well we had transfers today. It turns out that most of the district changed. I will miss my district, it was the best ever. We had some really good memories together. I will be leaving my area. I will be going to a place called Paraiso [paradise]. It is still here in Tuxtla. I will be the Zone Leader over there. I will be the zone leader of the assistants to the President and secretaries. It is the zone that has the President and all his leaders in it. It is the Stake Tuxtla Mexico. So I have been in all three of the Stakes here in Tuxtla and haven't left Tuxtla. That is so funny!! I don't think that ever happens here!! I am really excited!! I know that is where the Lord needs me at this time. Maybe Elder Jensen will be in my zone.. I hope so!! I love you alll!! bye
Love Elder Parker

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