Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hey how is everyone doing? I am doing great. This week was pretty crazy with the weather. It rained so much like 3 days straight. I didn't see the sun in three days hahah. The roads were crazy with so much water. It was fun though. It was actually cold here in the nights and morning because of that huge rain storm. I bought the shoes. I spent 500 pesos. I took out 600 pesos. Thanks so much for the money. The shoes I bought are really comfortable. They are nice and didn´t cost too much. I bought them in one of the nice stores here.

The conference with the President and the leaders went really well. I got to see a lot of my friends there. We got to talk a lot. It lasted like 7 or 8 hours. We ate breakfast and lunch there with the President. I really enjoyed the meeting. It was really spiritual. There are a few changes in the mission now. The people used to be able to be baptized after they had assisted 2 times at church. But now here in Mexico it got changed to 5 times. So it will take more time to baptize, but they are more likely to be converted truly! And we will get to experience their conversions and find the people who are willing to obey the sabbath day. So that was a huge change. I felt the spirit a lot in that meeting. The President is a great man. He told us, that he has never seen the work move as fast as it is now. He bore testimony that the Lord is hurrying his work. He told us, we are the front line. I felt the spirit so much, and right now I can feel it again. Yesterday we got a call from President. He invited us to a meeting. So we went to the stake center with the Stake Presidency and the President, and us. We got to talk about the work of salvation and help with the work inside the stake. It was really fun to see us work together and the spirit was definitely there.

So can you let me know the birthdays of everyone. So I can write all the dates on my calendar. We are working hard. I love the work. We had our first zone meeting together this Wednesday. It was my first one as zone leader. I loved it a lot. I got to see Elder Jones. One of my good friends from Heber. We talked in the meeting, about the wheats and tares, that we need to find the chosen people waiting for us. Then we talked about the obedience. And a few other things. It went well. I loved it.

How is everything going? So your anniversary is this Thursday, right? I loved the pictures that you sent. You two look so good. Happy Anniversary. And Happy Birthday to Nathan. 10 years old--wow. And I like Josh's football jersey:) I love you all. Love Elder Parker

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