Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 9, 2013

How is everyone doing? I am doing great! I am really excited to be here in the area. The area is very different, but I like it a lot. I don´t know where to start. I guess I´ll start with the house. The house is huge that we live in. It is an apartment, but they are really nice. There are gates outside and everything. We live like on the 5th floor. I feel like I am living in a hotel. Because it is really nice. Because we have all the material for the zone and extra beds and stuff like that. The lock on the front door says Parker. Haha so I guess I was meant to be here. We have a small little gym that we made in the house. With a bench press of huge buckets of water. haha The area is pretty big!! There are three types of social classes here in the area. There are the really really rich!! They have a ton of money. Their houses are huge. I haven´t seen houses as huge as these. For example, the governor of Tuxtla lives in our area. We passed his house the other day and his house took up the whole block!! Not kidding. So that gives you an idea of the area. Then there are the middle class. They have a little bit of money and then there are the poor class. They hardly have much. So we are working really well. We usually work with the middle and poor class, we haven´t really worked with the rich class yet. But we have met a few less active memebers for that area. We live in the rich class. The ward is pretty great! There are like 71 active members here. The bishop got released this Sunday so we don´t have a bishop, we are waiting for someone to get chosen I guess. My companion is Elder Martinez. He is from Colombia!! He has 15 months in the mission. I knew him before, in my first area he was in that zone. He is a great missionary. Really happy and a hard worker, we get along really well!! It is so great to work here. We ate some hamburgers with the members one day, I threw down 3 hahah. I guess I was pretty hungry. Tomorrow we will have a confrerence with all the zone leaders and the President. I guess we have those every month. It's like a 5 or 6 hour meeting. Then we will transmit everything we learn to the whole zone the next day. I´m pretty excited. I will be emailing from here on at around 12 o clock every monday morning. Because we have an extra hour at 11 to write a huge inform to the President. So we have to be here at 11, and the next hour I can write you guys. I have a few questions. Should I buy some shoes today? Thanks for everything. I love you all. BYE!!!!

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