Monday, December 17, 2012

December 10, 2012

Hey family!!! Wow, mom that dream is so awesome, I felt the spirit so strong and got tears in my little blue eyes. I love you all. Thank you for the spirit that I can feel through your stories and experiences. Wow, I miss Tanner Butler, he is a really awesome guy. I had some good experiences with him. Thank you for sharing that with me. How is the family doing? I am doing just great here, I have been really happy this month, because of Christmas I guess. I absolutely love this time of the year. I have been listening to those cds like every single morning and night. Not kidding. Thank you so much for the Christmas tree and packages and presents! We took tons of pictures and are loving it. We opened the present last night. It was awesome. We are both really excited! My companion leaves in January, the 7th or something. Every time I listen to the song "We Can Be Together Forever", I think of our family, and almost half of the time I start crying. Because we are so blessed. We have the best and closest family in the whole entire world.

Last Monday was a day of blessings. First I got to write you guys. Then we were walking home after we shopped at Walmart and an old investigator gave us a ride to our house which was really nice of him. Then we got free chocobananas from this lady, which she has never done that, and we were talking and she used to live in South Jordan. So we will teach her this week. She is really nice and every time they see me they say, we have chocobananas! Because they know I love them. She is going to teach me how to make them this next week. Then, we were teaching an investigator, which his wife is a member. Recent convert about 6 months. Well, he drinks and stuff, and I have been teaching him on and off for about 3 months. The Saturday before, he said have patience with me. Then we had the lesson on Monday night, we were bearing our testimonies like crazy about faith. Finally, we invited him to be baptized, and he said yes!!!!! Wow. It was a miracle. I have no doubt. It has taken him 6 months to agree to be baptized . And he is as sure as ever that he wants this in his life. Then he fed us dinner afterwards. The whole time after when we left his house, the spirit was with me. I probably felt the spirit for 10 minutes nonstop. Seriously. It wouldn't leave me. I had goosebumps and I just kept on thanking the Lord. He will get baptized this week!!

We were at lunch eating some pizza, which is a first. Haha. And all of a sudden my companion starts laughing. There were two jovenes or young kids with us about 18 and 14. Then we all started laughing. We all couldn't stop laughing for about 10 minutes. My stomach hurt after because we laughed so hard. Everyone was crying. It was so funny and a good memory. There is a family in our ward, the two sons love to fish. They are 14 and 12. We visited their house to give a short lesson and they started showing me all their equipment and how they made all of it. They loved it. I told them i used to fish with my little brothers and dad. They thought that was the coolest thing. Now every time they see me we talk about fishing.

This week went by really fast, and I am loving the mission. Of course, there are hard times, but it is possible. This is nothing compared to what Jesus went through. Thank you for raising me to be the person I am today. I owe it all to mom and dad. You have no idea how much you have influenced my life. Words can't describe it. Thanks for all that you have done. How is the family?

Love Elder Parker

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