Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hey family!! How are you all doing? Estoy muy feliz en este tiempo!! Estoy muy animado para navidad!!! Mom, I received the other package on friday! So now I have two. I will open the first one today, because I didn't know if I could or not. Thank you so much!! I am excited to see what is inside. I am so excited for Christmas I absolutely love this time of year. Last night we were able to go watch the Christmas devotional. A family in the ward took us and it was so amazing. My companion is from Mexico. Close to the D.F. He is Elder Cortina. This is his last transfer here! He is excited for Christmas but says his family doesn't do much. I feel bad for him, yesterday I said don't worry we are going to have a wonderful Christmas together! He is so excited. He has had some problems in his family I think, that has affected him a little. His parents aren't members, and sometimes they don't write him on Mondays. I feel bad. But we are having good times together! He is happy with me. Well, guess what, we get to enter the temple on the 18!!!!!! Only the Elders in Tuxtla get to enter. And I am one of those!! The others can't!! We are gong to have a huge dinner and a meeting with the President on this day, and have games and stuff.

This week has been full of many experiences. We have a new zone leader, he is from Cottonwood high school. He is a Tongan and is so awesome. We were talking about football and all our experiences. We can relate to a lot of things. Well, we baptized the 89 year old lady on Monday. It was the most spiritual baptism. All her family were there, about 30 people. Afterwards, there were hugs and kisses. I can see how much love that family had. It was incredible. Everyone was crying and I couldn't help but cry too. She loves when we sing hymns for her, so every day or every other we go to her house and sing her hymns. She loves it so much, and always tries to give me hugs but I can't hahah .

I saw Elder Palmer!! My first zone leader! He came to our church with his parents! It was so awesome to see him, he is going home this Thursday! My companion and the other Elder in our ward went to a meeting friday morning, so they left behind the brand new other companion and me. I was the senior companion and we worked in my area and I was in charge. It was so weird. It was a little hard at times actually. But I am growing every day. I still have a lot of work, but that is normal. Little by little. But anyways at the meeting my companion received a letter from Elder Peterson's companion. So I was able to receive it from Elder Petersen this way. It was awesome, because Elder Petersen is always looking out for me, and we are like brothers. I am loving my area! I got a hair cut today :) I hope everything is going alright at home. The idea of the 12 days of Christmas service is awesome!! I bet you all feel so better after that! I love you all, I can't wait to see you on skype! I am already asking the members who has skype or maybe we can go in the church and do it , if the bishop lets us. I love you all. Love Elder Parker

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