Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012

Hey family!! How are you all doing? I am doing just great! Tomorrow I get to go to the temple at 7:30 in the morning! Then we will have a huge meeting with the President and a big lunch and everything. Then that night at 8 we will be going to a members house because their son gets back tomorrow from his mission, so we will dine with them tomorrow.

Wow, I heard about the shooting actually. A family was telling me about it here. It is so sad... But the good thing is that they can live with their families forever. So I want to call on Christmas day. Is that fine? Around what hour is good for you guys? I need to know. I am way excited for this!!

Wow... this week was such a powerful week for me. I will never forget this week. We had a baptism on Wednesday. It is a man, his wife has been a member for around 6 months. He was Catholic and never wanted to be a member of the true church. During the baptismal service, I couldn't stop feeling the spirit. Because I have been working with this brother for 3 months. When he was baptized, by a convert also, I am not joking, the baptism was in slow motion. It was like a dream. I don't know how it was so slow and graceful. But the spirit was so so strong. And I am about to cry right now. When he went under all the way I started crying. And the brother next to me was crying also, because it is his best friend. It was so powerful. Then we had a testimony meeting after while he was getting dressed. His wife gave her testimony, then Enrique, the brother we baptized, gave his testimony. It was so amazing watching those two converts give their testimony. Because they are enduring to the end and doing what is right. Then my companion gave his testimony. I wasn't going to give my testimony before, but I was touched that I should give my testimony. So I gave my testimony after my companion. I started, then couldn't... Because I started crying a ton. I couldn't talk for about 2 minutes, just standing in front of everyone crying. I finally was able to bear my testimony, with the somewhat decent Spanish. I didn't say much, but I bore what I thought I needed to say. Then after the service ended, a brother came up to me, the one who will receive his son from his mission tomorrow. I was sitting in the corner half crying still, just feeling so happy. He came to me and whispered in my ear. In spanish of course "you are amoros. Your little bit of words are powerful. You are a powerful and strong testimony. I love you. I love you. I love you. I will say it again, I usually don't say things twice, then he repeated it again.. Wow that was such a powerful experience also. I was so filled with the spirit. Everyone during my testimony was crying also. Then on Sunday, after church a lady in the ward came up to me. She can speak English. She said I wanted to tell you this after the baptism but I couldn't find you. She said, ''I loved your testimony. You made me cry. I love when missionaries make me feel good. You always make me feel good. You don't know a lot of Spanish but I can still feel your spirit. Thank you so much.'' That was really nice of her.

I had a lot of good blessings this week. A young man in our ward gave me a Jaguar jersey. from their pro soccer team down here. So I received another package. It is a little smaller, not in a box. I don't know if I should open it or not? I also received some letters! We got a microwave and a table and blender in our house. For the first time we have a microwave!!! So I went to the store, bought some popcorn and popped it!! It was so nice to eat some popcorn. Well I hope all is well at home. Let me know how everyone is doing. I love you all so very much! Look for the blessings we have in our life. we have many. And when you can think and be grateful, you will feel the spirit and know that we are loved. Love Elder Parker

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