Monday, December 31, 2012

December 24, 2012

Mom, thanks so much for the wonderful miracles that you shared with me!! I felt the spirit so much, thank you! I love you all! I am stoked for tomorrow. Today we had a zone activity and we actually got to play sports!! I got to throw a football, play basketball, and play soccer. It was so much fun, but I got a little sunburnt. Hahaha Well thanks for all the packages and everything that you sent for Christmas. We will open it up tomorrow. We have been eating so much food over here. It is crazy, the members all of a sudden are giving us tons to eat.

We had two activities this last week. First, we had the stake one. We had 9 investigators show up. It was really neat. There were the wards that each did a talent. There was tons of food after, also. Then we had our ward activity the day following. Us 4 missionaries sang a song, then the Elders quorumn sang a song. The Elders quorum was terrible. Hahah because no one showed up to practive the day before besides us. It was so embarrassing. I just wanted to walk out the door. haha But it was a good memory. Then they had other talents and guitar and all. Then food. It was really fun. Well we also had the Christmas activity with the President this Tuesday. It was so awesome!!!!!! We went in the temple, which was flat out amazing. I understood the first part, it was a miracle, I thought they were talking in English at first. I was truly helped out. Then we had a little conference after and then we ate a ton of good food. We all sang Christmas songs and they gave us a bag of treats. I also received my letters there! It was so amazing. I also got to see my old district. Besides Elder Petersen and Elder Prudhomme. But it was so awesome!!!! Elder Cortina is going to stay another change. He just barely found out, he was going to go home, but he asked the President last week, they just barely called!! Well the other day I was walking and saw like 30 parrots in one tree, there were so many!! Well I don't want to write a ton because I want to figure out a time to call. Love you all!!

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