Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4. 2013

Hey family!! It's a beautiful life!! :) love you mom!! You are the best mom everrrrrrrr... So like this week was good! We are visiting a lot of less active members to help them come back to the church because there are so many less active members. It is funny to see how some of them have changed so much and some of them are worse than investigators!! It is a little sad at times also, but I love the feeling when they say they want to come back and notice the difference in their life when they don't go to the church. We had interviews with the President this Thursday. Well, most missionaries get really nervous to talk to him. I was feeling just normal. My interview was actually pretty long, longer than most. We talked alot and he gave me a lot of help on how to find more people to teach and how to be a better person. He is such an amazing man. He is like a best friend to me. Then after, I was going to leave and I asked if he could give me a blessing. He gave me a blessing, and it was so poweful. In fact, it was my first blessing I have received in Spanish. Then he said he loved me and keep up the good work. That was such an amazing time. I was looking forward to that day for a long time. This gospel is so amazing, and true! I am so thankful for the priesthood that we have on the earth and even greater that we have it in our family.

Hahah on the way back I saw a mom, dad, and two little kids riding on one motorcycle!! It was like watching Mr. Bean's video. I got the valentine package last Wednesday! Thank you so much. I absolutely loved it so much!!! My companion also loved it. There was a lot of stuff in it. Thanks for all the decorations and the treats and all! I sent off a letter to Court on Wednesday. I hope she gets it soon. I also sent one to Corey. I took out 100 pesos from the card that I have. I figured out how to use it easily. Thanks for the money. How is Brian Scott doing? What type of cancer does he have? Is he recovering? We are blessed to have these problems because we are growing and learning. Without these problems we would consistently be the same person, we would never grow or realize how blessed we are. We are receiving the blessing from God and Jesus Christ to grow, learn, so we can become like Jesus. So we can always look at the positive side :) Thanks for always being so positive. It is something I am working on myself. I am not always perfect at it, but I am getting a lot better. I fasted on Friday, then ate lunch on Saturday and fasted again for Sunday. I know I shouldn't go without food for that long, but I felt I had to do it. It helped me out a lot. I fasted for the family, and Courtney. I am doing just fine out here, and in fact I am so happy because I am learning more and more Spanish. I have learned a lot in these past days. I am going out of my shell and trying to talk to a lot of people in the streets. It is always helping with my Spanish.

It was funny, because after we bought all the food today in Walmart, we were filling the fridge, but there wasn't enough room for everything!! I was like, well... that's a first! :) hahah there is like no room now. I have a lot of food to last awhile. I also bought two ties one for Cali Mayor and one for the family Bruno, their son. They are really cheap here. It only costs 45 pesos for one tie, or there are others for more cheap. Well I love you all so much! Let me know how you are doing! I am fulfilling my duty. :) Love Elder Parker

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