Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25, 2013

Family!!! I saw Zach!!!!!! Wow, it was the best thing ever!! I went to drop off an Elder at the office of the mission and I was expecting to see Zach, but they wouldn't let me pass. They said I had to go study. So I left with some other Elders and studied at their house. My heart was beating so fast, because I was so close to Zach but I couldn't see him, then I was able to go to the office again at 10:30. I got instructed by the President of what I needed to do to train my companion. But the way he tells me, ÿour companion didn't make it.. Again... So once again I don't have a companion. I guess he is still in Peru. He was supposed to come, but didn't. So we are all confused. And no one knows when he will come, so I am working in a threesome right now. Then all of a sudden, when we were talking, they said okay, let the new missionaries come in. They opened the door.. and I was waiting , waiting, waiting, and Zach appeared in the doorway!!!! I couldn't believe it. I was shaking hands with everyone and then when we got to each other we hugged!! It was the coolest experience ever. We talked the whole time, and during the meeting we just kept smiling and laughing. Then we went to eat with the President at his house and after I told him some things that could help him out in his first months here. Because I remember when I didn't understand a lot and was lost. So I was able to help him with all the questions he had. Then we were taking pictures of companions. And the President was like, Elder Parker, bring your friend and come take a picture with us!! It was the best thing ever! We were both so happy. He has grown a lot, he is a lot taller. I am so excited. He is companions with a wonderful Elder! His companion came here the same day as me. We were talking in the night about football our first day here in Tuxtla. And we had a prayer together. So I am really good friends with his comp. So he will have a really good time. He is in a really hot area, but that's fine!!

I had a dream about dad. He was eating my chocolate from Yellowstone that you sent me. It felt so real, and I was like, dad, that is my chocolate. Like most days in the house at home when he would be sneaking my candy :) Well I won't make this too long because I want to chat with you and Court! I love you all so much.

I was part of a miracle last night. We were going to be late for the house at 9. We called everyone for a ride because we didn't have money. I said, call Brother Gellegos. We called, didn't answer, call again, finally his wife answered. We said sorry, but we need a ride, we don't have money and we are going to be late. She said sorry, my husband is really sick. We said okay, we will find another way. Then her husband called back and said, I need a blessing, please come to my house. So we went, and he asked me to give the blessing. He was really sick and could hardly talk, sweating a ton. So I gave one of the most powerful blessings I have ever given. And the end I felt the spirit so strong. He then gave us a ride and said, you answered my prayers. Before you guys came, I was praying in my room and asked the Lord to please help me feel better. I then got in my bed, and that is when you guys called me. He said, you might have thought you needed help from me, but I needed help from you guys. It was really powerful. I loved being an instrument in the hands of the Lord. I love you all! Love, Elder Parker

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