Monday, February 4, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hey family!!!! How is everyone doing? I am doing great! Once again this week went by so fast!! I am glad that all is well at home! That is awesome that sister Haws sat next to the family! :) She needs a family like ours with her at church. Well it turns out the package I got last Monday was from Christmas!! It was the one with shampoo and deodorant and Christmas photos and everything. I also got one from Dave and Nat and Miles and Holly. So that was nice to have like a second Christmas :) Thanks!! The other package I haven't gotten yet. I should get it soon. We have a zone meeting on Wednesday so I should get it if it has already arrived. I sent some more letters 2 weeks ago, but I am afraid it won't get to you. We'll see.

Yeah, once again it is nice and hot here!!! Just like the good old times, but I'm not complaining. It could be worse right? Nathan thanks so much for the socks, I love them!! Now I have something that reminds me of you. Oh I also got a letter from Corey Edwards!! From Taiwan. He had a picture of him in the letter also. He is one of my best friends, that letter meant a lot to me. A true friend. Ohhh.. we had a meeting Tuesday night at the church with the ward council. We got out a little early around 8:30 at night. Then these kids in our ward, little kids, cute little kids, asked if I could shoot a basketball for them. I was like sure. They said, at half court. So I said, okay why not, so then I shot it and.. it went right in :) hahaha all the kids were like... Wowwww!! How did you do that? It was really funny!

Well tell Jo dog happy birthday!! He is growing up fast!! I am really thankful for the family that we have. I was thinking about it when we were having a family night with a less active family. Well the family is active the dad is not. We were talking about the experiences we have as families and how the home is the closest to being in the temple. Then I was thinking, wow, I am so glad our house is a home! And the dad he has gone to church two straight times now :) His family is really happy with him there. Once again church was amazing! I am always so grateful to go to church! The spirit is always so strong.

Well the water here for the shower and the house is always here and there. So a lot of times we don't have water. But we have a huge tub thing on our roof with water storage, and one underneath the ground in our front patio. So the one on top was completely out. But we had some in the underneath one. I didn't want to shower with buckets from that water. So one night we got those buckets and transferred the water to the top one so we could shower. hahahh it was really fun actually. But we both ended up wet and laughing .Then today we washed our garments with a thing called a chacachaca. It is the top of a 2 liter coca cola bottle, a strong one and a stick. It is hard to explain but we put our garments in a bucket with detergent and like compress the clothes. It was really weird, but worked really good. I guess that is what a lot of people do over here to wash their clothes. Well if you need anything let me know!! Those candies chews I forgot what they are called, but they tasted really good!! Thanks for all your support and help! Love you all. Elder Parker.

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