Friday, April 5, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hi mom and dad!! How are you all doing? I am doing great!! We are having a great time over here in the area. We had the baptism on wednesday. It was a really spiritual experience. We had over 50 people from the ward show up. That nevers happens here. There are always like 10 members that go to the baptisms. It was so many people, and they all contributed in the program. The primary sang a song about when they were baptized. It is called "When I am Baptized" It was really spiritual. Then we had some talks and then the ordinance. It was so nice when we were talking about families and they were feeling the spirit so strong. It was such a good baptism.

We are working really hard here in the area.We are giving lessons to all the members like Elder Dehoyos told us to do. He is from the 70. Then they invite a friend to the next lesson when we go to their house. That way we find a lot of people who we can teach. My companion is great. We are learning a lot. We had a lesson where 6 of us were crying. It was powerful!!

I really love the atonement. The Savior atoned for us because He loves us. He did it out of pure love. I am so grateful for His sacrifice. I will do everything possible to pay a little piece back for what He did. I can't wait for General Conference. We watch it in the Stake Center on a big screen.

Well I don't want to write a ton, because I want to talk to you all. I love you so much. We ran this morning :) I want to stay healthy. We ate s'mores with the family Bruno. It was really good, I have missed smores. I can't wait until the cabin when Court and I get back! Love you all so much!! :)

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