Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hey family!! How are you all doing? It sounds like you had a good week!! I also had a good week up until friday night... Well it had to happen sooner or later, and I was blessed so long. I finally had the chance to experience the sickness.. It was a killer. I am still pretty sick, but I feel a lot better. Friday night I was feeling some really bad stomach pains. So I went to the bathroom... well. yeah. Then I went to bed, and not kidding every 5 minutes I would go to the bathroom, then return to the bed then go back to the bathroom. I did that like 25 times in the night. Then in the morning my head was hurting so bad, I felt like my head was going to explode. My muscles were aching. I was sweating really bad. And so I just layed there. I told my companion to call the President's wife. She then called the doctor and they called a member to go get the medicine for me. This was like at 7 in the morning. I just layed in bed waiting for the medicine because I felt so bad. Finally.. at 10 they got to the house with the medicine. I was thinking it was like 4 in the afternoon but it was only 10. So I took some and I felt a little better. But my companion left with another Elder to visit some important lessons. So I stayed in the house with a different Elder. Then all of a sudden I had the matazuma's revenge... I then exited the bathroom and I was dripping in sweat. The Elder said did you throw water on your face and I was like, no that is sweat!! So I just layed in bed all day. We didn't get to work Saturday or Sunday. But I managed to force myself to go to church, because I really wanted to go. Today I feel a little bit better, well a lot better. But I still don't feel a whole 100 percent. Now I know what it is like to get sick here in Mexico!!! But don't worry, I had to experience it one day or another. This week should be my last week here in my area. I should be leaving this next Monday or Tuesday!! I love you all!! Love, Elder Parker P.S. I am loving the mission, learning quite a bit. Thanks for the scriptures!! I am trying to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish in 3 months. I am in Mosiah already!! I am highlighting every time it refers to the name Jesus Christ. I am learning a lot about Him. I love you.

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