Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey Mom and family. Como estan? Estoy muy feliz. I sure did love conference!!!!!! I got to watch it in English!!!!!! Woohoooo!! And in a room with air conditioning!!! It was the best two days!! We got to watch it and stay in a cold room and sit on soft chairs and actually eat a few snacks. :) hahah like how we always used to back at home. We had about 6 Americans in the room with us only. The 6 missionaries. So it was really nice to be able to listen to it, and the other Elders were really excited also. I really loved the talk on Saturday morning. By Brother Cardon from the seventy. He talked about how Christ wants to forgive us. He is waiting. How we can receive forgiveness for whatever thing we have done and will do. I also liked another part that one of the leaders said, God didn't make this plan so we could fail it, or he could torture us. He made this plan so we could accomplish it and get help and comfort. Something along those lines. Wow, I did learn so much about conference. They talked a lot of the families!! About problems with family members and problems in the home. But they always had the positive side! I loved that part. The home is the most important place. I loved the talk that said that he asked the maid to take care of his kids more than the house, and how she later went on and her daughter got married in the temple and everything. We have such a good family, and our home has always been a refuge from the world. I have always felt so comfortable in the home and safe. I could always share my thoughts and feelings. There is always peace in our home. So thank you, mom and dad for the peace and comfort that we have in our home. I, too, am trying to have our little house here in Mexico to have peace :) We had a great week this week. The conference was outstanding. I will never forget the experience I had.

We also had another fantastic lesson. With that same family before. The dad is the only non member. We are working so hard with them. He really wants to change. But he is so scared. He has a lot of doubts. But I can tell he wants to change. The family needs him. So I am just so grateful that we have dad, who is a member of the church and who served a mission, and has the priesthood.

The weather is okay. It has been really hot, but not really really hot yet. We went shopping at Walmart today :) I am doing good health wise. I am working really hard in the language, and the doctrine. I still have a lot of room for improvement, but hey.. who doesn't? haha :) I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!! Thanks for the example you are all for me. Did you get the package yet? Love Elder Parker

(We hadn't gotten the package up to this point yet, but right when Elder Parker was on the computer the same time that we were, we heard a knock on the door. It was the post man delivering the package Elder Parker sent us and he even delivered it in the pouring rain!!! So we were able to receive the wonderful package and open it while we were on line with him!!! What a wonderful miracle!! He sent some soccer jerseys for the boys, some cute Mexican keychains for each of us, a fan for mom, a cute big poster from the primary children to him---with the cutest picture of the primary kids, a picture of him, and notes from each of the primary kids on it---, a letter and pictures to the family from his friend Elder Gaytan, and a hat and letter and things for Jacsons birthday. What a wonderful blessing that it arrived at the exact time he was on the computer with us!!!)

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