Tuesday, November 12, 2013

September 23, 2013

How is everybody doing? I am doing great. I don´t know what is wrong with the emails. Are my emails getting to you? I am getting some of yours. Thanks for the pictures and emails..
Happy birthday Nathan!!! Happy birthday Josh!!! Happy anniversary mom and dad!!!! I love you all!!!
This week was a really amazing week. A ton of things happened this week. First off this Tuesday we had divisions. I went to a place called Coita. It is outside of Tuxtla by like 1 hour. I went there and got to work with another missionary. He is from Utah, Taylorsville. He said he knows Liz Lucas and Jake Adams. That was a fun day. Wow.. I was so surprised over there. It is like a little town with a ton of green trees and stuff. But I saw a full on basketball gym!! It was like the gyms in Vegas. It was a huge building and all of a sudden I heard some basketball squiks so I went to check it out and it was a full on gym. It reminded me of Glory Road over there in El Paso Texas hahah. It was a nice gym and they were playing a full on game. That was a surprise. Then another surprise. We were headed back to Tuxtla to end the divisions when Elder Jones called us. I guess they had a problem over in their area with security issues so they came and slept at our house for two days. Elder Jones and his companion. The President told them to. So I got to spend a little time with Elder Jones and Elder Garcia. It was fun. I got to work with Elder Garcia one day in my area, and Elder Jones worked with my companion. The last night we bought some pizza. It was a good time. Elder Jones is one of my good friends.

Thursday morning we had interviews with President Cardenas. It was great. I love talking with the President. My companion and I and President are planning over here a visitors center around the temple. It is a huge project but we are really excited. We will be planning it the same week of conference. So that we can invite everyone to the general conferernce also. So that should all take place next week.

It rained a lot again over here!! I think there was a huge tropical storm for Sinaloa and Tamaulipas. But that is far from here. We are just receiving the rain. hahaha We had a funny experiecne with the rain also. It poured rain. So we ran under the intersection. There we were surrounded by rivers in all the roads. We couldn´t cross the roads to get to our lesson. The cars could hardly drive against the pressure of the rivers in the roads. It was so crazy!! And we were laughing so hard. So I said Elder Martinez... I have an idea, we can´t lose time waiting here all day. So I said, when a truck comes, we will signal them so we can jump in the back, they can then drive us to the other side of the road like 10 yards and then we can jump out and follow walking to the lesson. So we were like deal... we waited forever but none of the trucks stopped. Finally one truck stopped, we communicated really fast and we jumped in, he took us to the side and we hopped out and that is how we got to the lesson with dry shoes. hahaha It was the funniest thing and everyone wsa watching laughing. Sorry if that story is hard to understand, you would have to see it to understand. Thanks so much for the package!! I loved it. And the President told me I can wear those pants also. Thanks so much. I loved the package. Thanks for the letters also. We also had some baptisms this week. We baptized Jordin and Arlet. They are 2 teenagers of 11 and 16 years old. It went really well. I loved the baptism. I love you all. I hope this gets to you. Sorry it is so long. Love Elder Parker

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