Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 10, 2012

Hey mom!! That is so awesome that you and dad are in Hawaii!! I am so jealous, but I am so happy for you!!! It sounds like you are having a blast, making many good memories, and meeting new people!! I think I might send home my card on my camera so you can see some pictures and i recorded a few videos so you can watch those also!!! THis week has gone by so so fast!! I have some good news for you, but you will find out when you watch the video that i am sending you!!! I am glad you met some missionaries and talked with them. I saw Jordan Bozarth here from snow canyon basketball, konnor murdock from pine view football, he asked if i was going to play with him at suu, he was really nice. Then I see Boston and Kyler and Josh a lot!! I got to see both of their parents like you already know!!! So thanks for the yellowstone package, my whole district loved it so much!!! It was nice to get some things from yellowstone, made me feel like I went. So we celebrated hump day two nights ago, because we are more than halfway done with the mtc. We had been saving up like 40 bags of chips and then that night we ate them all and drank some soda! It was really fun, and just a good night. We have had two new districts come in already, and one last one coming in this wednesday. Then we will have a full zone again, because one district is leaving next monday. I was able to go to the temple again today, that was such a neat experience, the spirit is always so strong there!! I never take it for granted. I just barely got Courts email you sent in the mail along with the ant story! Thank you so much, that is a neat story about diligence. I am glad Court is doing good, we email every week! Which is a big help to me because we both know exactly how each other feels. So we got a new investigator last week. His name is Gabriel from Chile. During our second lesson, he bore his testimony of prayer. He told us a story that goes something like this, when he was working one day, his son had severe pain in his legs and arms and they didin't know what was wrong with him. Anyways at work, he heard the spirit whisper, go home your son is sick take him to the hospital. So he listened and took his son to the hospital and he had cancer. They said if he wouldn't have brought him in that time that he would have probably died soon after. He started crying during this story, which surprised me because he looks like a really tough guy, which in turn made me cry. I then bore my testimony of how prayer is so powerful and with the poder del espiritu santo anything is possible. I told him how much i love mi familia and how this gospel can make our families become even closer and we can always have that love. It was such a spiritual experience. I just love being here so much!!! Sunday and Tuesdays are probably my favorite days here. Because they are both so spiritual and we have devotionals on those days. Sunday nights, we watch videos, like this sunday i watched the testaments video. It is nice to have a break, and watch some movies. Wow I love you so much, I am so blessed to be in this family of ours. Thank you for preparing me for this oportunidad to serve Dios!! Estoy agradecido por mi familia!! Thank you so much again, and I love you!! Don't you ever forget. Brother Jones who is in our branch presidency, his wife reminds me of you, not looks, but just how she is always happy. She gets really excited to see me every night they are here. She comes up to me and says with a smile, its our favorite Quarterback missionary!! She asks how I am doing and I say really good, which in return she said of course, you are always happy and always have a smile on your face :) I just love it so much. Seeing the wives and women just remind me of you and being at home, which brightens my day. I love you so much, and hope you and dad are safe in Hawaii!
Love Elder Parker

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