Friday, August 24, 2012

August 20, 2012

Hey mom!! thank you so much for all your advice and all the news that is going on back in Hurricane!! wow the weeks keep going by faster and faster! I was talking to one of my teachers here about how crazy it is that he is already been back for 8 months off of his mission. He said when you get out to the field the time even goes faster! He said don't let a minute go to waste, do everything you can every day to serve the Lord, because the time is so fast. He said it felt lilke a month and he was already back home! So I know that it will be fast out in the field because it is already so fast here at the MTC. I missed out on stake conference it sounds like !! But I am so glad that you were able to feel the spirit and have some good experiences with it. Well I am pretty sure everyone in our district got their visas except for the two that were supposed to go to peru three weeks ago. But I am glad they are still with us because they are both great elders! I went to the temple today and this older sister came up to me and started telling me, I think the world of you, you have no idea how many people you will bless. She said, you leave your family for two years so that you can help families be together forever. Wow she started crying and it made me tear up, also. She had such a strong spirit about herself. She is so right!! Sometimes I think of the family and realize how much i miss you all and how much I love you all, but then I think, I get the opportunity through the Lord to help people have this same happiness and knowledge that we have. I always have visions of families I am going to meet in Mexico. I cannot wait to share the gospel with them and help them come unto Jesus Christ. It gives me tears just thinking about it. So I heard with packages and letters and stuff if you put mary stickers on them, that the people leave it alone? I think that is true, but I am not sure. Thank you so much for the Hawaii package!! I loved it and so did my district. I am so spoiled, but I absolutely love it and feel so much love and peace when h receive things from my family and my mom :) So on Tuesday, we had a Devotional, and the lady talked about a story in her home ward. She said, a little boy got up and bore his testimony. He stood there, she was thinking he didn't know what to say. But then he said, I am so thankful for my brother being on a mission, I know it is hard, and I miss him so much, but the people out there need him. It was so powerful and I thought of my family, and especially my little brother Nathan. It turns out the Elder in my zone, it was his home ward, and that was his brother. It was so amazing to hear that story, he has been here for two weeks, and has been struggling with home sickness but that helped him, now he is doing so well. But after the devotional we have a district devotional review with a member of the branch presidency. Brother Jones was in our meeting this time. When it was my turn to bear my testimony and share my thoughts about the devotional. I couldn't talk. I started crying so so much, and it just wouldn't stop. I had to just keep saying sorry, because I couldn't talk at that time. But finally I could talk somewhat and I said how much I missed my family, and how much that sounded like my little brothers and how much I miss them. I cried throughout the whole testimony of mine. Brother Jones and Sister Jones, started crying also, and when they bore their testimonies they directed it towards my thoughts saying, "Elder Parker you are so right, I know it is so hard being away from your family, but imagine how many blessings they are receiving. Imagine if you didn't come on a mission, your brothers wouldn't think they would have to either because they follow you in everything and love you so much. He said your family is being blessed more than you know, thank you for being such a good example, and thank you for blessing your family. It was so so spiritual and it was such a good night!! Should I send some stuff home before I leave in 2 weeks? Thank you for the stamps and for the pictures of Hawaii!! I bought a picture album in the bookstore and put all the pictures of you and dad in it!! It is so cute :) So thank you so much. OH yeah, Kizzy wrote me and said she is playing volleyball in Nicaragua for the championships. So she will probably be somewhat close to Court!! I love you so, so much, tell the family I absolutely love them!! I have realized how much I am blessed to have this family and realized that I love you all so very much!!!! Please be safe!! Can't wait to get to Mexico!! We should get our travel plans sometime this week!! Then at the airport I can call whoever I want! So guess what... I am going to get to call home :) I already bought my minutes card for the phones!!! I can't wait. I love you!
Elder Parker

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