Thursday, August 2, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hey Family!! How is it going? This past week has been really really good!! There have been some hard times, but the good times outweight the bad times by far!!
So guess what.. Yesterday I was made District Leader!! I am so excited to help provide and serve my district. I am really excited!! So i saw Elder Mckeighan from Desert Hills basketball team last year!! Him and I talked for like 15 minutes, he is a really awesome elder. Yesterday i saw elder Wilstead from pine view, he came
up to me and was like elder Parker!! We talked for a few minutes. I see Jeff Staples a lot!! Jesse Bettridge gave me a book the other day called "The Book of Hurricane" Corey started it and it gets passed around to the people from hurricane here at the mtc. It is a funny book, but has very spiritual sayings and testimonies in it.
So far Corey, Colton Barney, Taylor Frost, and Jesse Bettridge have written in it! I will pass it on to Jeff Staples. So I was able to consecrate oil, that was a neat experience. Then the next day, Elder Gooden was sick and needed a blessing, so I gave him one, my very first one. It was really spiritual, and it worked!! I know i will be giving so many more blessings in my life. Mom, thank you so so much for the package of new shirts, shorts, and new socks, and all that pirate stuff!! My whole district loved it we got a picture with our eye patches on!! Just dont feel like you have to send me things, or if it costs too much money, I will be fine. But I really do enjoy receiving packages and it makes my day. :) so thanks!! We went to a fireside yesterday and brother Alan talked to us. He talked about the song Come Come Ye Saints. It was so spiritual, he talked about the pioneers and how we will be okay. "All is Well" He had us sing it like 3 times through, and it meant a lot to me. After we watched the Joseph Smith movie. Sundays are really spiritual here, but also, every day is!! I now have two investigators I am teaching in spanish. Two elders from our district are leaving tomorrow for Peru. The other two haven't received their visas yet. Our district has really come together. During gym, since basketball court is closed, we go play sand volleyball outside together. That has been so much fun, plus i abosolutely love sand volleyball. Me Kizzy and Stacey would always play it.
How is the cabin?? I bet you are having so much fun, but don't worry, i'm having more fun here :). Tell all the relatives hi for me!!
I have now gotten used to the schedule and things like that, so nice it is much easier throughout the day. Yesterday we went to the temple and took a lot of pretty pictures. I think next p-day we will be able to go in the temple :) I sure hope so, because i miss the peace, spirit, and comfort the temple brings for me.
I miss you all so much!! And i just want to tell you how much I love you and appreciate everything you have done for me!! Please do not worry about me, I am doing totally fine!!
The Lord is here with me, I have no doubt I am being blessed and being led by the Spirit. I am so blessed having this experience to be a missionary of the Lord!! I will not let Him down.
I want to do everything so that when I get to Mexico I can invite them to come unto Christ and receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentence, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost, and to endure to the end. We are so blessed to have this gospel in our family. Please never take it for granted!
Dare to be a Mormon,
Dare to be alone,
Dare to have courage,
Dare to make it known.
I love you all so much!! Y estoy agradecido por es experiencia!!

Amor, Elder Parker aka Taydog!!

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