Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 13, 2012

Mom!!! Como Esta?! I am doing so good here!! I love it! My p day has been really good so far! The temple was really spiritual like always!! We have the same district throughout the whole MTC stay here. We now only have 10 elders in my district because two left to Peru, the other two were supposed to but they don't have their visas. So we have 10 for now. I will have the same companion this whole time!! No, they usually have a companionship be the Zone leaders, but President Cosgrave our Branch President said that they are doing something different, because that was what they were prompted to do. So elder Taggart and I are Zone leaders. Which our companionships are in the same room, so that made it really nice. There were 5 districts in our zone but this morning the oldest district left, so now we have 4 districts in our zone for now. We are now the oldest district!! We have three weeks left, it is really crazy how fast this has gone. I will miss it here, but I cannot wait to get to Mexico!! We are all getting really excited. My responsibilities are to welcome the new districts when they come in on Wednesday, have a meeting with them on Thursday nights, then give them a tour of the MTC that night. We then interview all the district leaders, to see how each district is doing. We have meetings all Sunday morning, and Tuesday nights. So it is pretty busy. Then every night we go to everyones room and talk and say goodnight. Which I really enjoy just helping out the other elders in our zone. It has been a good way to keep from thinking about myself, it keeps me positive. Wow, that is so amazing that Chalice was baptized, I wish I could have been there!! I am so glad you had a spiritual experience with that. We went to a devotional, and the speaker was talking about how people these days don't know how to recognize the spirit. Most people don't think they've felt the spirit in a long time, but the chances are they have, they just haven't recognized it. I am so thankful for Dad and how he has the priesthood. So guess what?! The young women in our ward sent me a package the other day! It was like Sister Bussberg, and Sister Isom and the leaders and young women. They had sent me a bunch of items with cool sayings on each one. Like toothpaste, and cake mix, and socks, and gum, just a ton of stuff! It was so nice of them, and I absolutely loved it! It made my day. So can you tell them thanks for me! I might write them a letter later if I have time, but if not, let them know how much I loved it! Thank you so much for the package "hold to the rod" my whole district loved it!! And thank you for the Yellowstone Package!! I am so lucky! Yesterday I saw Elder Covey, he was Timpviews quarterback two years ago! We met before at his house when we stopped there before we played Skyline! He is such a stud, and he remembered me. Dad, the new elder in one of our Districts is Elder Judd, he said he had you as a teacher and said you were his favorite! Well I am doing really well here! Leaving September 3rd once again! My investigator has a baptisimal date in two weeks! I am so excited, then our other one is getting really close to accepting, and our other one is a little harder to teach. But I feel myself progressing and gaining more and more faith and experience here. Boston says hi, I just talked to him at lunch, and I told him I was on my way to go email, so he says hi! It is really nice to see people I know. I love my district. We played the new district in volleyball, and beat them! It was really fun, they had some big kids that played volleyball in high school, but somehow we still beat them. hahaha I will let you know if I need anything else! I hope the family is doing great! I love you all so much! Court and I were talking about how we are so lucky to have the family that we have! I am so blessed!! Estoy agradecido por mi familia, especialmente mi mama!! :) Amo usted.
Love Elder Parker

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