Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15, 2012

Elder Taylor and Elder Peterson
Friends from the MTC District

 Elder Parker and Elder Olvera
 Elder Parker's Zone

Hey family! It sounds like it has been a really crazy week!! I am so sorry to hear about Josh and Dad. I love you both and will pray for you. I am so sorry! I hope Brian is doing okay. And Zachs thumb. Well this week has been really crazy for me. First off the sister's had a baptism, and I was the one who baptized the girl. It was my first baptism here and it was so spiritual. Then, I did something because of mom. The man in our ward was going to be gone for two Sundays and needed someone to play the piano in sacrament meeting. His wife came up to me on Thursday night and asked me if I knew how to play the piano. I said yes, sort of, and they asked if I could play in sacrament meeting. So.... I did!! hahaha Wow I for sure did something that was out of my comfort zone. But I was thinking about you the whole time, mom. And I was determined to play. I played Sweet Hour of Prayer, Come Follow Me, and God Be With You Till We Meet Again. It was the most spiritual Sunday since I've been here. It was fast and testimony meeting. And twelve people cried during their testimonies. The people here have such strong testimonies. It is crazy. I couldn't help but crying. It is amazing how this gospel changes peoples lives for the best.

I sent some more letters last Tuesday. Have you still not gotten my letters? I saw a fight in the park, two drunks were fighting and kicking each other. It was actually pretty scary. Then I heard the Firework song that mom likes. I loved hearing it. Then today in a members house I heard Crossfire by Brandon Flowers. And I was telling the mom how this song my mom likes the most. We had an activity after the baptism on Sunday for my ward. It was the iron rod activity and we had a rope they had to follow while being blindfolded. It was a good time to have some fun. Then on sunday we were contacting people and in the park there was a wrestling match. Just like the wrestling matches on the movie Nacho Libre. They had masks on and boots and everything. It was so funny to see it in real life and we watched for a few minutes.

Well.. my companion is being transfered to Tonola. He will be the zone leader there. I am staying here and getting a new companion tomorrow. Elder Velasquez, I think. I am sad, because Elder Olvera is my favorite. We had so many good memories and it is sad saying goodbye to him. I will definitely miss him. And also, Elder Petersen is transfering to San Cristolbol. So now they are both gone. But I will be fine. I like this place and this ward. We have good families who we are teaching right now too. hahahah funny story, so one night I was sitting in a house and a lady walked in the front door, here it is normal for the ladies to kiss people on the cheeks. She grabbed my hand and almost kissed my cheek but I hurried and moved my face. I felt so embarrassed. We hurried and left. hahah it was so funny afterward. And Nathan, I saw a parrot, the other day in a house, it was giving itself a bath. They are pretty smart I guess. Well I love you all so much. I hope you get better Josh and Dad. And for everyone else, I love you so much. I am learning to completely rely on the Lord now that my companion and Elder Petersen are gone. It will make me stronger, and that is what I need. So I am grateful for this oportunity to learn more about myself. :)
I love you all so much
Love Elder Parker

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