Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 22, 2012

Hey, family!! This week was so so good!! I got my new companion, Elder Velazquez. He is so amazing. This is his last change before he goes home. He is twenty five years old. He is the most humble young man I have ever seen. He knows how to speak English and is really patient with me. He helps me correct myself with my Spanish and I talk a lot in lessons. The other night he made me do a door contact by myself while he stood in the street. The man answered the door and I said we would like to share a message with him. He said I don't have time, I am leaving soon. I then said look, I know this message will bless your life, we only need ten minutes of your time. He then said alright. We had a great lesson, longer than ten minutes. Then, after he gave us cake and a drink. It was so nice to know that the Lord helped me, because I couldn't have done that on my own. My companion is from Baja, California. He really cares about the people and we work really hard. He is so funny. He makes me laugh every day. I wish we could be companions longer, but this is his last month and a half. We dropped Elder Olvera and Elder Petersen off at the OCC where the autobuses are. Elder Petersen gave me a letter and we said our good-byes. Elder Olvera gave me a tie. It was a good day. How are Dad and Josh doing with their injuries? I hope you are doing good. I love you all so much. I pray for you daily more than 5 times- hahaha- a day. I like the scriputre in Doctrine and Covenants 115:5.

We walked up these huge hills to find our references. I was sweating so badly, but I didn't care. I am helping the people here. We then walked through the jungle. Seriously, it was like Jurassic Park or something. We met a man last night. Wow.. we were guided. We started talking, prayed, then he told us of his parents how they both died when he was little. He started crying. He said he used to work in ST. GEORGE, UTAH!!! He knows Hurricane. He said it is the best place in the world, he said it is so calm, no problems, the people are calm during the night. He wants to go back. I bore my testimony about dad. I told him the story about dad, and how my dad is an example to me. I told him he can be an example to his son just like my dad is for me. He wants to change and he wants the best life for his son. It was so spiritual and I was crying. The whole way home I couldn't stop crying. Because I love my family so much and I know that we will live together forever.

Nathan, this morning I saw a snake on our patio. I couldn't get a picture because it slithered away. We are teaching a lady with six kids. They are all so cute. There are twin boys, about 2 years old. They walk and grab my hand. My Spanish I can understand more than I used to. My companion helps me talk more. I love you all so much. Keep living strong, the Lord will bless us. We are working hard here and I love focusing on the people instead of myself. Love Elder Parker

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