Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012

Elder Parker with a ward member

Hola familia!!!!!! How is everyone doing? Wow.. I can't believe that about Brian.. I feel so bad for him. I hope that he will be alright, I will pray for him everyday. He is one of my best friends, I loved him so much. He is such a strong young man and I know he can make it through this.

This week was full of good experiences. First off I loved conference so much! The first session on Sunday we watched in English on a computer, Elder Petersen and I! such a blessing because I was worried I wouldn't be able to, so we were so so so happy. The seccond session we just watched in Spanish but with subtitles of English, it wasn't the same but better than nothing. The Spanish is coming along, I can understand more and more each week, the talking is mas o menos but is improving also. The lessons are good, we actually had one investigator come to conference with us on Saturday. And one investigator to church the week before. But the people are hard to teach here, they all think they know what is true and what isn't. It is really frustrating because I know this church is true and can help them but they won't even try and read and pray. I will have faith that we will find the escohidos. This week we had kfc at a members house, it was so good! The first of the month I received the package!!! Wow thank you so so so much! I don't know if I should wait until halloween or what? I received letters too!
Then on thursday, we had an interview with the President. He called that morning and said meet at my office and bring your area book. My companion and I were freaking out a little. It was like on the Best Two Years. Because we were like why does he want to see us. Once we got there it was perfect, he just wanted to see how we were doing and asked if he could help in any way. I could tell he really cares about us. It was my first time really talking to him. Then I received more letters while I was there! Thank you for all the letters! I sent a letter two weeks ago! I hope it got to you! Dad we receive 1300 pesos every month. 400 of that goes toward transportation. The other money is for food and stuff like that. The ratio is 13 pesos to one dollar. So you can figure that out. Thanks for all the letters, package, and helping me pay for being out here! I am so blessed.

My house is the worst house in the whole zone, but I actually like it. It has running water luckily, a little shower, and 1 bedroom with barely enough space to fit two beds and our suitcases. We have a small fridge also. I like it because now my next house will seem so big and nice. I am glad I started off not so great. We don't have any areas in our area to visit on pdays so we study then go buy food, get a hair cut if necessary. Then nap or write letters if time, then eat then email then work! Our whole zone is having a hard time finding people to teach, but we will have success, I have faith. Walmart is about 10 away in a van. It is really nice. Thanks for the football highlights, I enjoyed them. Wow conference was so amazing, I loved Elder Holland's the most. Conference is my favorite!! Well, after conference, you won't believe this.. We drove past a crash, and a dead guy was lying on the street. It was so depressing and I couldn't bear it. He got hit by a car and he wasn't covered with anything. He was just in the open and the cops were just showing up. It was really sad. Yesterday we were tracting and a kid threw a soccer ball so I could kick it with him. I juggled it and played a little bit with him it was so fun and the litle kids were laughing! Today was a record, we fit 20 people in a van! I was so squashed and was in the very back corner with a huge lady like sitting on my lap practically! hahaha me and my companion were just laughing. Well thank you so much for everyone! I don't have much time I think we are leaving right now! Thanks I love you so so so much don't ever forget that I pray for you everyday. I love the family and tell Brian I love him so much. I love you all so so much!! I will try and send pictures!! love Elder Parker

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