Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hey family!!!! :) How are you all doing? Well.. I have some big news for you. This week was pretty good, we worked really hard. So i'll give you a clue.. "the best two years" when the President goes to the house of the missionaries.. Well.. This thursday the President came to our house! It was the coolest thing. The Zone leaders called us Wednesday night that we were going to have interviews in the office or our house. so we said okay. Then we were like, well he won't come to the house. But luckily I started cleaning a Little that night and everything. But not like the house was really messy, just a little bit. Then we were planning for the week on Thursday morning and we were waiting for the President to call. He didn't call forever, so we figured he wasn't going to call us. Then at the end he called.. My companion was in the bathroom. He said "Elder Parker, are you in your house?" I was like yeah. He said "wait for me i'm heading your way right now." So we hung up and we hurried and cleaned a little more and got everything ready. haha my companion was really nervous. Because he didn't think he would come. But I told him he probably would. Then he arrived in about 10 minutes. We met him outside, and he said "Well let's go to Lomas." Another área in the district with other missionaries. So we grabbed our backpacks and hopped in his car with him. We traveled like 30 minutes with him to the other área. I was in shotgun talking with the President. I felt like I was with dad in the car. Then we got to the house of the other elders. We entered their house and he said.. Well let's make some changes. I need your help. He had a few maps. And it turns out we created another new área in the district and split another área and changed everything. It turns out that here in my área will now have sister missionaries. So we are automatically transferring next Monday. We created another área, which we have been working in that área this week and our área. He told us to look for a house also to rent. So we have been looking for a house. So the other Ward will now have 4 missionaries and our Ward sister missionaries. It is weird because I already know I am going to leave next week. But we still don't know if we will go to the new área and open an área or leave to another part of the misión. It should be really interesting!! I am excited to know what will happen. Then we ended with the President and he took us back to our área to eat some lunch with some members. So that was such a great experience. He has been calling us about the houses and stuff also. I am happy and will miss my área but changes are always good! :)
That is so sweet that you are getting a puppy!! The dog looks really playful and happy. It has rained so much here this past week, and it looks like it will rain right now!! The road was crazy again and one car passed, which was crazy and the wáter was higher than the Windows of the car. hahaha it was insane. There is still water flowing down our road at this instant. Well I love you all. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Parker

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