Monday, July 8, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hey mom and family!! I love you all!! This week went by really well! We celebrated elder Macias birthday a lot. Thank you so much for the package and the celebrations that you sent for him. It was really fun what I did in the morning of his birthday. The morning of I was eating breakfast and he was sitting next to me, then he jumped into the shower and I got on my horse and whipped open the package and started putting a lot of presents on his desk and blowing up balloons and banners. I was running around like a wild chicken. And right when he was leaving the shower I finished and jumped in the bathroom after. Then after he was really excited. He couldn't stop saying wow wow thank you so much. We took a picture for every present and we filmed the opening and everything. It was really fun. He thanks me for you guys every day. I wrote him a poem hahah. So he had a great birthday! We went to the offices this morning and I got my other package from you guys and letters. I haven't had time to open the letters or package yet. But thanks a lot!! :)

I loved this week, it went by really fast. We passed the week with a lot of memories. And you won't ever believe what happened. We were walking to email you guys right now when we passed an iguana. A ton of people were watching it on a telephone line. I took a picture so I will try and send it to you. I am excited that you are in Yellowstone, that is the funniest thing ever. Because right before right now, I was eating with the members and told them we had a cabin in Yellowstone and we were talking about all the animals and everything for a long time, then I found out you were there!! What a coincidence. I love the cabin! Make sure you enjoy it there!

The baptism went really well! He was really happy and a lot of people showed up :) I will try and send some pictures of the baptism also. He has had a hard life, he has changed so much. I remember when we first met him, Leonardo, he was really different and a little crazy. But now he has changed so much and prays and has the desire to do whats right, he has quit doing a lot of things and I know he has changed because the gospel helps us change. It is a miracle. I have sure enjoyed seeing him change. What a miracle. Wow.. He is 20 years old. His mom and dad are separated. He relies a lot on Dios now. Well I will go so we can chat. :) Thanks!! I love you all.

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