Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 8, 2013

Hey mom!! How are you doing? I am doing great! This last week was amazing!! I had the best time ever. I was so blessed. My birthday was fantastic thank you so much for the presents and the packages and all the letters. It was awesome because in the morning of my birthday my companion put up streamers from the package and blew up balloons. While I was in the bathroom he laid all the packages out, except one so I could open it. And he bought me a tie and made some oragami stuff. It was really awesome!! So that morning I couldn't enter the room with all the presents. Then my companion put on some music and started recording me and I entered the room and saw all the presents and it was so sweet. Then we went to the zone meeting later that morning and when I arrived everyone came up to me and wished me happy birthday. Elder Stevenson gave me a tie and a letter and elder Gaytan gave me some pictures and a snickers. It was so awesome. I also received more letters from you and the family and from Court and Grandpa and Grandma Linda and some friends. Then I also received the package of the Fourth of July and the package from Dave and Nat.
So a few elders had interviews with the President that morning. But he had to leave early so I didn't have mine. I was like well... he didn't remember my birthday. Then all of a sudden at the end of the meeting, he showed up with his wife with a birthday cake! And everyone took pictures and we ate the cake. I was like, "No way... "It was the neatest thing ever!! We took some pictures of that. I was really happy and it hurt smiling because I was always smiling. Then he took us to his office and gave us a brand new microwave. Because we didn't have one that worked. After that we went home to drop off everything and elder Macias pulled out a package from his family and the things were for me!! They gave me some treats from Liverpool, a store in Mexico, and a tie also! They also gave me letters. It was so neat. Then we went and ate at a returned missionaries house. He bought us some food from San Marcos. A really expensive restaurant. It was like pizza but made of pork and cheese and steak. It tasted so good! After that we worked and taught a little bit. Then in the night we did service, painted. And after they made us dinner for my birthday and gave us flan. It is like a cake more or less. It tasted so good. So the whole house is still decorated with presents and balloons. I loved my birthday. Thank you so much. We ate so much on my birthday that my companion couldn't lay down at night because he was so full. hahahha It was so hilarious. We were so so full.

The Fourth of July we sang hymns, the Star Spangled Banner and waved the flag and took pictuers in the night. I put that mini tie on my backpack the whole day to celebrate the fourth. It was a great day. Then the fifth was a great day also. (My hump day). We had a fun day and I interviewed some investigators to be baptized from our district. So we got to travel to another area like 30 minutes away. This week has been great. Thanks for everything! This week I also tried some different food. I ate little fish. Really small and the head and everything. It tasted really weird. hahah Well I will go so we can talk. I love you. Bye :)

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