Sunday, July 21, 2013

June 24, 2013

Whoa there!! Those are some pretty cool stories that happened in Yellowstone and with Court! How was the cabin? I hope it went great! The pictures look awesome!! :) This week went really well for us. We did divisions with a few Elders in our district this week. So I went to Suchiapa the área of Elder Stevenson with his companion. It is so different over there. We traveled in a van like 40 minutes and it was so Green! It was like a redneck city it was so funny. Elder Stevenson calls it Radiator Springs. Like the movie "Cars", I'm in Radiator Springs get me out of here. hahah It was a really small town. It was really hot and a ton of insects were always on our faces. It was a good experience. I tried a new fruit over here it is called rambután and another fruit is pitaya. The pitaya is pink on the outside and like white with dots in the inside. And the rambután has a weird shell with hair and inside it tastes like a huge grape! So crazy!

Wow, yesterday we listened to the transmisión of "The Work of Salvation"or something like that. It was a broadcast by the Prophet and his apostles for the missionaries, the Misión Presidents and Ward councils. It was so powerful, you will have to watch it, it is like 2 hours long. I got to watch it in the stake center in English with air conditioning. :) The coolest part also was that I saw Colton singing in the choir!!!! There were thousands of missionaries there and I saw him!! There was so many, it was powerful to see all of them. They said there are over 70,000 missionaries in the world now. I feel the spirit so strong right now, and when I was watching the broadcast also. I know this work is of the Lord. Wow.. I loved the broadcast!!

Today a member washed our clothes, that was really nice! The other day I heard the song It's a Wonderful World. That's a great song. Well I will go so we can chat. I hope you are safe on the ride home. Thanks for the pictures :) Love Elder Parker

(This is Elder Parkers mom--the cool stories he's talking about, is that on the same day he saw the huge Iguana, just minutes after he sent us the picture, Lauren and I and Elder Parkers grandpa and grandma saw a bat in town in Yellowstone. It was hanging on a sweatshirt outside--in broad daylight! And the day before that sister Parker saw a huge hairy tarantula that almost fell on her from the top of her door--on her mission in Nicaragua. (There's a picture on her blog). So it was a few days of crazy, curious, creepy, critters!!! And all within 2 days of each other!!)

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