Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 4, 2013

Hey everyone how are you doing? I hope you can get this message mom!!
I am doing good don't worry about me. This week was full of events.
So this Tuesday we had the council with the President and the zone leaders.
It went really well and I got to see some good friends. I got a package for halloween
from you and letters. Two dear elders and a letter from Court from Nicarague still hahah.
I also got a letter from Elder Kaden Ashcroft. He wrote me a great letter. Thanks for the package and letters.

The surgery was Friday morning. The mission doctor drove me to a clinic or small hospital. We entered they checked my hernia
and then they told me to change clothes. So I changed clothes and put on this weird looking tunic thing.
So they put me on a bed and first shaved my belly hair haha. Then they put an iv in my hand.
They sent me into another room where I put on these weird looking socks. It reminded me of Avatar.
Then I walked down a straight narrow hallway into a white white room. With air conditioning luckily.
I laid down and the doctor said, this is going to hurt alot. I was like oh no.
He tried to inject three shots around my belly button but he said my skin was like twice as thick as the normal skin.
So it wouldn't penetrate so he pushed really hard and I could feel it penetrate the second layer. Which hurt a ton.
Then after my stomach was frozen or whatever you call it he opened my belly button. By the way
I was awake the whole time and could feel everything. But it didn't hurt. He cut a bunch of stuff with scissors,
had his finger in my bellybutton (because that was where my hernia was) and I don't know what else he was doing. Finally he pushed the
fat hernia back in where it belongs and he said the hole was like an inch or more wide. Which is pretty big but not too big. He stitched the hole
back up and then stitched the belly button back together. The whole surgery lasted like 50 minutes. But it felt really weird.
I then left with the doctor from the mission to the mission offices. Where the President got there and his wife. They asked how I was doing
and then bought me some subway. :) I stayed in the office the whole day. Then went home in the night, slept at the house and went back to the
office in the morning for the next day. Then yesterday I went to church and after went back to the office to rest. I am doing good.
It still hurts but it is getting better. I will be getting the stiches out this Friday at 11. Everything is fine.
I should be able to work today. But walk really slow. I walk like a space alien with a 90 degree angle hahah not quite a 90.
Saturday the President bought me chinese food.

The tours of the temple for the visitors is going great. I was there watching, because I couldn't work. A lot of people left crying because of the spirit.
It is a great experience.
It has actually been cold again here. Which is a blessing.
I ate some weird food called chicharon. It is like pig skin.

We had a great lesson with Ana that investigator.
I cried really hard when I bore my testimony of Jesus Christ.
It was an extremely spiritual lesson.
Oh yeah, I played the piano in sacrament meeting. I did pretty good actually!!

I love you all. Sorry its so long. I hope we can chat. Love you all.

Love Elder Parker

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