Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 14, 2013

Hey everyone! :) how are you all? I am doing great. Well we are here still waiting for the call for the transfers. They should have already called us to notify us but we are waiting. So i can't tell you if i will stay or go yet. But i am sure i will stay. it is my first transfer here. This week went really well. Thanks for the emails. Well the visitors center will officially start this saturday at 5. It is actually something really huge here. My companion and i had the idea and we told president in an inverview. Now the whole city and threee stakes of tuxtla will be involved. It will be every thursday friday and saturday at 5 to 8:30. It will last until Christmas. So we are pretty exciting. the president feels like we will havea lot of success. The other day i saw a really nice tennis court. I contacted the owner and he told me the price and schedule. I am thinking about playing tennis on one of these pdays to relax and have some fun. He lends the equipment and it costs like 50 pesos an hour. Which is a little expensive but worth it.
We were able to have another baptism this saturday. The dad got reactived and he was able to baptize his son. So it was a really spiritual baptism.

We found a lady that i would like to count the story behind it. So when i was in Terrazas this lady arrived at the church with a friend. with the sister xochitl. Which is the sister that lended me her computer for mothers day. The one who her husband isn't member. Anyways, her friend, Ana, she has like 65 years or so. I was talking to her and she was really friendly, she was like when can you come to my house to teach me about the church. She told me where she lived and i was like hijoles... Because she didn't live in my area. So i was a little bummed. She we left and i didn't think much of it after. Well.. Like 5 months later, here in my area, we left a lesson and a lady passed in her car, stopped in the middle of the road, and said hey... do you remember me? and i was like wow... It was ana. She was like hey when can you visit me? And she said i live right here. And it turned out she lives in my area now. That was such a cool experience because i know it was a casualidad that i was transfered to this area. So we put an appointment for the next day. Then the next day we get to her house, and i told my companion elder.. taht looks like the car of sister xochitl. So we knocked went in and sister xochitl was there also!! She was really excited to see me and she told me her husband always talks about me. So we got to teach the sister ana about the authority and baptism. Sister ana is a widow. Her husband died. She is really spiritual. She would be a perfect member. So we had one of the most spiritual lessons that i have had here in the mission. I felt so good. We invited her to be baptized and she said she wants to be sure and will pray. But she is willing to keep listening.!! After the lesson i felt really good and the spirit was strong. Then yesterday she made us dinner with sister xochitl. It was really good food. We ate rice with coconut juice on top(food from colombia) and fried bananas and sweetened pumpkin. It was a really nice dinner. She introduced us to one of her sons.

On another note, should i save that letter from Grandma to read it with you guys? I love you all. Thanks for your prayers. I fasted for the family yesterday.
Love Elder Parker

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