Tuesday, November 12, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hey mom thanks for the email. Well this week went by really fast! It was a good week. We are working really hard and walking a ton. Last Monday we got to eat in Little Caesars. It was my companions first time in his life eating there. He said he loved the crazy bread! Hahah So I am pretty sure we will go there more often to eat those Mondays. This week we walked really far. We walked to one of the highest peaks in the area. It was crazy how high it was. We could see the whole city. It was probably like 3 miles of walking or more. But I couldn't measure how far. haha

The weather has been spectacular!! I guess there was a cold front rolling in. So almost the whole week it was cloudy and actually kind of cold in the night. One night I was actually cold. What a difference right? But I thiink it already went away because today is hot and a clear sky. Tomorrow we will have the council meeting for the mission. So I will get to see President tomorrow and spend like 8 hours over there with all the leaders. I love the meetings we have, I'm excited. We got to teach that lady named Ana again. Well just English this time. She wants to practice her English. So I taught my first class of English in my life. It was pretty interesting. I brought an Ensign in English and I taught them how to pray in English. There were just three people who showed up, a member, Ana and her cousin who wants to learn English also. It was fun and they learned how to pray in English. They loved it. It's not as easy as I thought teaching English. Maybe because I can hardly remember English now. hahah

Wow we had a miracle happen this Saturday. So Friday night we were planning to see who we should teach and visit. We were thinking and I was like, the family Montero.. So we put their name down. I don't know why I said their name, but I said it. So we left the next morning looking for them. Finally we found the house. They are activie members by the way. So we get there, and the grandma opens the door. She is a temple worker here in the temple. She says please come in. So we went in and she said, why are you here anything that I can do to help you? We say we would like to visit her and see how she is doing. She then tells us she is really sick, she is really old by the way. So she was like, can you give me a blessing? We said for sure. So we gave her a blessing .And she was really grateful and said she knew the Lord sent his angels to her to help her in time of need. I felt great to be an instrument in the hand's of the Lord.
Well I love you all so very much. I will go so we can chat a little bit. Happy Haloween!! Love Elder Parker

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