Tuesday, November 12, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hey family. Well I love you all. I hope this email can get to you. I have gotten all your emails now. We had to look for a different place to write home. We came to a really nice internet place so I could get ahold of you guys. It has air conditioning here. Well... I know that Memaw will be waiting in Paradise. We will get to see her in the Celestial Kingdom. I am really sad. I sure did miss her. She would always write me. I didn't get the chance to write much to her. I feel bad about that. But I loved getting her letters. She always made me excited and felt her love always. She is really amazing. I love you all. I hope everyone is doing good.

We are doing good here. It has been raining a lot here. But now it has stopped and has been extremely hot. Tomorrow we will have the council with the President and the leaders. Should be fun. I finally sent my suit to the dry cleaners hahah About time. I guess like 10 elders will sleep in our house tonight because of the council we will have in the morning. They live about 5 hours from here. I am really excited about the General Conference. Should be really exciting!! The visitors center went huge! We haven't had it yet, but the President talked with the three stake centers and we will now have it for all of Tuxtla, not just our stake here. So we will have a meeting this Wednesday or Tuesday so we can get rolling with it.

So I guess you leave to Nicaragua tomorrow? Well I don't really know what more to say. We had another baptism. It was really spiritual. It was a wife of a member. She has like 70 years. They can now be sealed in the temple in a year. I miss you all. I love grandma Parker. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Parker

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