Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey I am doing fine. And you? Well this week was a little slow and boring. hahah But that's alright. So this whole week up to Friday we could only work for like 3 lessons a day. The rest of the time we would go back to the house to rest. So we were in the house a lot of time. I was in the office Monday night. But after that i could now go back to my area. Friday night the mission doctor took me to the doctors office. They took out my stitches there. The doctor said i took really good care of the wound. Which i did. haha So i don't have stitches. But i still need to clean the wound every day. Because the skin is not quite attached still. It looks really different. And the doctor said i can't do any exercise until after a month. so like in December. But he said i can walk and everything. So we are now working on full cylinders. I will have another appointment with the doctor like the 28 of november to see how i am progressing. That should be good. It now doesn't hurt as much. Every now and then it hurts, but a tiny tiny bit. Somehow the first councelor here found out and talked to me. He was really nice and offered help if i needed it. this week we worked hard, with what we could do. We will have the zone conference this Friday. So we have to get the food. I called a member from my first ward. He will be providing the food with his brother. They are great guys. So that will be fun to see them again. Well thanks for all that you do. I will go so we can chat. :)

Love Elder Parker
love you all.

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